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What Are the Factors Affecting the Location of a Shopping Mall - Research Proposal Example

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This report aims at identifying the best possible methodology for location selection for a shopping mall. Location is one of the four pillars of success in the retail industry. Investors have a different attitude to location and thus a more judgemental analysis must be undertaken…
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What Are the Factors Affecting the Location of a Shopping Mall
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Download file to see previous pages The report examines the limitation of ANP and AHP and gives evidence of outdated methodologies. The report also offers a framework for future, more extensive research in the subject matter and also states the limitations of the research design.
This report discusses the decision making process and methodology of retailers on how to choose a location for a retail store. It aims at pointing out the various factors affecting the decision-making process, by identifying the need for a scientific approach to the subject matter through the literature review. In the literature review, the traditional and current methodology for choosing a location are also noted and discussed. The report firstly identifies the research questions that need to be asked and the research objectives in relation to the questions. The literature review then analyses the findings of the literature. The next part of the report is the research methodology and design which sets out the basic approach to more extensive research on the subject. The final part is the conclusion in which the argument is put forward based on the results drawn from the literature analysis. This report is of extreme relevance to the retail industry, as it should be taken into account when choosing the location or creating feasibility studies for opening a new retail store.
Traditional methods for choosing locations, especially for retail, are a thing of the past. More comprehensive and detailed methods are required to provide more convincing results (Cheng, Li, and Yu, 2005). The need for more holistic and scientific was first identified by Bowlby, Breheny, and Foot (1984) who acknowledged the various pressures inflicted upon retailers on their location selection and since then in the UK, the pressures kept mounting (Hernadez and Bennisson, 2000). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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