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Helthy Food - Essay Example

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This paper talks that during the last years given a fast and steady increase in the rate of sedentary life style associated diseases, much thought and consideration has been put by researchers, scholars, intellectuals, and physicians in this particular subject. …
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Helthy Food
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Download file to see previous pages and the way he argues about eating healthy always is helpful in convincing the public about the negative consequences of junk food which range from artificial sweeteners and burgers to sugar coated candies and soft drinks. (Pollan) presents his arguments by projecting logic in them and uses appropriate rhetorical devices wherever necessary to make the readers stand by his opinions on what should be considered healthy and what should be absolutely avoided. Just in the introductory part of the book does Pollan ask the readers that what items should be included in their dinners and he asks such a simple question because answering it involves much confusion and chaos. He draws the audiences’ attention towards the unusually high consumption of corn all across the West and particularly America. Now one would think that doing without corn is utterly impossible and it is understandable since the global food industry relies heavily on it. It is a central ingredient in the manufacture of so many fast food items which the American people especially hasten to eat as they are always in such a great hurry running late for work or home. Excessive reliance on fast food is killing the American society literally in terms of chronic cardiovascular diseases like atherosclerosis and the epidemic of obesity in the Western society. Pollan in his book stresses that corn happens to be the most important and vibrant ingredient of the American food industry because of its tendency to give a different flavor to different kinds of foods when used in different ways. Corn even plays an important role in even those foods which apparently seem to have no connection with corn whatsoever which shows that corn is being consumed on an abnormally large level directly or indirectly. That is exactly why...
This essay approves that one thing is worth mentioning that what a person eats does not influence him/her alone but can also affect the children phenomenally and this is why mothers should be especially conscious when it comes to choosing their options from the vast range of food that is available today in the grocery stores and fast food restaurants. It is also an undeniable reality that both pregnancy and breastfeeding phases are extremely critical periods during which special emphasis should be laid on consuming a diet which would go in accordance with the standard dietary plans as issued by the US Department of Health and Human Services.
This report makes a conclusion that just the balance which is highly needed to operate in a healthy way on day-to-day basis is overturned aggressively by unhealthy food consumption and people may go doing so even without being aware of what wreck is caused by unhealthy food inside their bodies. Loss of vitamins and essential proteins produce devastating consequences in the long-term because these are the nutrients that maintain immunity and strengthen it in addition to adding vigor and color to skin. There is so much to choose from in the present age that one is left utterly confused about one’s food options and in this bizarre confusion, one makes the mistake of choosing wrong which ends up in unhealthy food consumption. Scientific evidence shows that sedentary lifestyle leads to consuming junk food diet which in turn is directly related with health problems like obesity. As junk food consumption is skyrocketing presently, the epidemic of obesity and related disorders is also on an equally devastating rise. People should be convinced with the help of logical arguments instead of just telling them about the simple do’s and don’ts. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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