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Landslide Morphology and Digital Terrain Analysis of the Roughs Landslide in Broadway - Research Paper Example

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The research gives key findings on the project site information, architecture, and environment of Broadway, as well as a vivid description of the data collection tools used in the study. After the data collection, results are presented on the digital elevation data sources and structures of Broadway…
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Landslide Morphology and Digital Terrain Analysis of the Roughs Landslide in Broadway
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Extract of sample "Landslide Morphology and Digital Terrain Analysis of the Roughs Landslide in Broadway"

Download file to see previous pages The differences in the causes of landslides give rise to the issue of morphology, which generally describes the classification of landslides. In geological studies, the morphology of landslides at a particular site is very important in making a lot of predictions about landslide activities within a site. It is, for this reason, the studies about landslide morphology at various sites continues to be an important research area for geologists. Landslide morphology researches will remain very important in predicting cases of landslide and giving appropriate warnings where necessary. For example, there are current studies that have attributed the effect of climate change to landslide activities of various sites, depending on the morphology of those sites (Dikau, Brunsden, Schrott and Ibsen, 1997). Such outcomes of research are very important in avoiding the worse cases of landslide activities that could be devastating to people. To give meaningful outcomes of landslide morphology, there are six major areas that are focused on. These are the type, sub-type, activity, depth, vegetation, and body (Lacroix and Martz, 2006).
In this research paper, Broadway in the United Kingdom is used as a research site where there is a critical study on the landslide morphology of the place. According to Eyers, Moore, Hervas, and Lui (2005), geologists continue to be faced with major challenges in undertaking successful landslide morphology and coming out with accurate findings. The reason for this is that these geologists use ineffective and unfavorable tools and methods for engaging in landslide morphology. Meanwhile, Wilson and Gallant (2000) mentioned digital terrain analysis as an effective digital elevation model that gives a 3D representation of a terrain’s surface. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Landslide Morphology and Digital Terrain Analysis of the Roughs Research Paper.
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