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GPH - Assignment Example

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Therefore, it is our responsibility everyone to ensure that there is safety in their area of operation. However, several factors hinder security of the country or the country at…
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Extract of sample "GPH"

Insert Lecturers’ Introduction to Safety Safety in any country is crucial to the lives of individuals and the property of the state at large. Therefore, it is our responsibility everyone to ensure that there is safety in their area of operation. However, several factors hinder security of the country or the country at large. For instance, drought, insecurity, landslide and thunderstorm among others are some of the hazards that contribute to unsafe situation and detrition of the economy of a particular country.
The selected City, County, and State
The country county is Washington and ID being the state. Washing turn is one of the counties found in the United States of America. The county has many factors that promote safety and as well has hazards to its development.
Washington County in terms of safety and natural disasters
From the prescription in the map, Washington County is ranked position 2 out of 15 among the dangerous countries.
Listing of the natural disasters reported for your county
The county has various hazards that affect the safety of its people. The dangers in the count include the following; landslide, thunderstorm wind as well as drought. In addition, it also consists tropical depression being the hazards to the safety in the county. However, flood is the most dangerous disaster that faces the country (Birkmann). Flood itself causes almost 40% of the total disasters that the country is facing.
Hazard missing in the county list
One of the dangers that exist in the county that did not appear in the county is gender discrimination in most communities in Washington County; the men receive priority. For instance, in the public jobs and education men are the ones that receive first consideration as compared to women.
Works Cited
Birkmann, Jolrn. Measuring Vulnerability to Natural Hazards. Tokyo: United Nations University, 2006. Print. Read More
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GPH Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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