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A Hydrograph of River Cynon and Design of an Open Channel - Report Example

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This paper "A Hydrograph of River Cynon and Design of an Open Channel" focuses on the fact that River Cynon is geographically located in South Wales and stretches from Hirwaun to Abercynon as a major tributary of the River Taff. The river has a catchment area of 160 square kilometres. …
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A Hydrograph of River Cynon and Design of an Open Channel
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Extract of sample "A Hydrograph of River Cynon and Design of an Open Channel"

Download file to see previous pages The maximum elevation of the catchment area is 515.6 m., while the minimum elevation is 80.8 m (CEH Wallingford. 2005).

Based on the rainfall and river data for River Cynon given in the assignment brief, a hydrograph was developed using Microsoft Excel (2003). This hydrograph depicts the hourly observations of rainfall and river stage height for a four-day period from October 12 to October 15, 1998. Rainfall height is shown as a vertical bar graph plotted on an hourly time series in millimetre. River discharge is superimposed on the same time series as a line graph in terms of 1 x 10-1 (Bv), where B is the base of the river cross-section in meter and v is the given velocity of flow at 4 m/s.

As reflected in Figure 1, the first point in the line graph, which represents the observed river height at 00:00:00 (i. e., midnight) of October 12, is 2.83 x 10-1 meter(Bv) per hour. Transformation of the units of river height to this scale (river height x 10-1 m facilitates the superimposition of the rainfall and river heights which were expressed in m and mm, respectively.

Shown in Figure 2 are the main elements of the hydrograph. From 00:00:00 of October 12 until the next 27 hours at 03:00:00, no precipitation was recorded. During the same period, the hourly observation of the river stage generated an average height of 0.263 m or a theoretical discharge of 0.263 m(Bv). This theoretical discharge may also be expressed as 15.75 m3 per second.

The average river discharge before the precipitation started is the baseflow of the River for this analysis. After about 8 hours of precipitation, with an average height of 0.5 mm of rainfall per hour, peak rainfall of 1.2 mm was recorded at 11:00:00 of October 13. After 10 hours, and average precipitation of 0.56 mm per hour, a second rainfall peak, also at 1.2 m was recorded on 21:00:00 of October 13.

From the first peak of rainfall (1.2 mm at 00:00:00 on October 12) to the peak river height (0.658 m[BV] m3/hr at 09:00:00 on October 14) during the four-day observation, 22 hours elapsed.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(A Hydrograph of River Cynon and Design of an Open Channel Report - 7, n.d.)
A Hydrograph of River Cynon and Design of an Open Channel Report - 7.
(A Hydrograph of River Cynon and Design of an Open Channel Report - 7)
A Hydrograph of River Cynon and Design of an Open Channel Report - 7.
“A Hydrograph of River Cynon and Design of an Open Channel Report - 7”.
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