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The Current Position of the Mount ST. Helens Volcano - Case Study Example

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"The Current Position of the Mount ST. Helens Volcano" paper is based on understanding the current issues that are being faced due to a volcano getting reactivated in the past. The focus is on Mount St. Helen, a volcanic mountain located in Skamania, Washington.  …
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The Current Position of the Mount ST. Helens Volcano
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Extract of sample "The Current Position of the Mount ST. Helens Volcano"

Download file to see previous pages The section will deal with understanding the history of Mount St. Helens, which will help understand the series of activities that have taken place in regard to the volcanic eruptions over the years.

Mount St. Helens: Before entering into analyzing the eruptions in Mount St. Helen, a basic understanding of the mountain is very important. This section will deal with the basics of the mountain and will various aspects like the height, location, and type, etc. of the mountain. Mount St. Helens as already mentioned earlier, is located in Washington. This mountain falls under the group of active stratovolcanoes. A stratovolcano is one that is generally conical in shape and is composed of many hardened layers of lava, tephra, and volcanic ash. The volcano is located within the Cascade Range and forms a part of the Cascade Volcanic Arc (US Department). This place has as many as 160 active volcanoes and St. Helens forms a part of this Range. The mountain was around 9,677 feet before the eruption and after the eruption, the mountain went down to almost 8,363 feet. The mountain has lost as much as 1,314 feet due to the eruption. The mountain was very beautiful and well appreciated by all. It is also believed that the mountain was treated as a sacred place by the local Indian tribes. The mountain has been given a number of different names in the past due to the eruptive behavior. Names like Lawelatla – ‘From one who smokes comes’, Loo – Wit meaning ‘Keeper of fire’, etc have been given to the mountain over the years by ancient legends. The mountain is mainly comprised of large lava rocks interlayered with pumice, ash, and various other deposits (Smith, 2006).

Volcanic Eruption 1980: Mount St. Helens is very well known for one of the most catastrophic eruptions that occurred on 18 May 1980. This has been one of the biggest and most destructive volcanic events in the history of the United States. The eruption however was not one which came without any early warning. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Current Position of the Mount ST. Helens Volcano Case Study.
(The Current Position of the Mount ST. Helens Volcano Case Study)
The Current Position of the Mount ST. Helens Volcano Case Study.
“The Current Position of the Mount ST. Helens Volcano Case Study”.
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