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Mount Saint Helen's Video (Back from the Dead) - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Course: Date Mount Saint Helen's Video (Back from the Dead) The following essay focuses on the devastating occurrence that was witnessed when Mt. St. Helens erupted. According to scientist and geologists who account for the occurrence, the eruption went down into the books of history as the most hazardous and destructive occurrence…
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Mount Saint Helens Video (Back from the Dead)
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Download file to see previous pages According to researchers the mountain is categorized as a composite volcano due to its characteristics, emanating from the cone shape and also the composition of the mountain’s layers which include lava, ash and volcanic debris. The mountain was symmetrical before its eruption; it also commanded a considerable height. As indicated earlier the effects of the Mt. St. Helens eruption caused losses, in economical and geographical spheres. According to the information collected, the destruction spread to an area of more than 500 square kilometers. The lava emitted flowed and covered the area indicated above, bringing about destruction to the existing vegetation, killing the animals located within the area, and also displacing a lot of people from the region (Carson p 79). According to research, 57 people died, the group included inhabitants of the region, scientists and geologists. Historical data clearly shows that the area had been locked up to prohibit the entry of residents, since scientists had made a conclusion that the mountain was at its dormant stage. As the video clearly indicates, the respondents interviewed through the documentary are not certain whether the mountain will erupt within the coming years. Indications from the remnant vegetation and land cover only attests to the magnitude of the eruption. The process started with a gradual occurrence which proceeded to a bigger result. The process began with a series of earthquakes being experienced from the bottom part of the mountain. As the number of earthquakes increased the mountain erupted releasing ash and steam. After the eruption, a continued earthquake process and the bulging of the northern part of the mountain clearly indicated that magma was moving up, through the vent (Carson p 124). As the bulge continued, the continued earthquake action led to the busting of the northern compartment of the mountain, triggering the sliding of ice and rocks down the mountain. Consequently after the violent earthquake action, the mountain erupted releasing gases, magma and water from the northern side where the bulge had been spotted. The eruption triggered the acceleration of the molten rock, hot rock and ash all over the surface. The effects of the eruption can be accounted for, through the covering of the nearby basins and lakes. Other forms of disturbances are accounted for through classification into various disturbance zones where the effect was witnessed. The first disturbance zone is the flow of the pyroclasticmaterial through the face of the mountain. This process generally involved the flow of pumice and gas through the crater into the overlooking land. This flow caused destruction to the existing organism, with both the vegetation and organic organisms not spared. Debris thrust from the crater also cascaded down the mountain, with avalanches also being witnessed. The second disturbance zone, also known as the northern debris avalanche was witnessed soon after the northern region of the mountain collapsed due to the bulging of the surface. The debris collected from the collapsed material formed into a large mound which caused a large landslide, which according to the historical evidences indicates that it was the largest land slide witnessed. After the landslide had been experienced, the ice found at the peak of the mountain melted into water which combined with other materials such as sand, boulders and other debris to form a thick material, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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