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Summary the video: Ten Things You Didn't Know about Volcanoes - Assignment Example

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The video Ten Things You Didn’t Know about Volcanoes by Lain Stewart is a documentary explaining the world’s most extraordinary volcanoes, it first appeared in BBC FOUR in August 2010. Stewart is a geologist who thinks that the powerful and destructive powers of nature are…
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Summary the video: Ten Things You Didnt Know about Volcanoes
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Extract of sample "Summary the video: Ten Things You Didn't Know about Volcanoes"

Summary: Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Volcanoes Video The video Ten Things You Didn’t Know about Volcanoes by Lain Stewart is a documentary explaining the world’s most extraordinary volcanoes, it first appeared in BBC FOUR in August 2010. Stewart is a geologist who thinks that the powerful and destructive powers of nature are irresistible. First, Mt Etna, the biggest and most active volcano in Europe, describes the origin of volcanology, the hot molten core that builds up and causes a massive eruption. At Pompee a similar eruption killed many people whose bodies were preserved by hot ashes up to date. Second is Mt. St. Helens in western USA which erupted sideways (north side) after an earthquake that triggered the biggest landslide in history in 1980. It released a pyroclastic flow of hot gases that killed people and paralyzed cities.
In Cameroon Africa, a Crater Lake Nyos described as a silent killer. It killed over 1200 people in 1986 by suffocation with carbon IV oxide which was displaced from bottom of the lake by rocks falling at the bottom following a landslide. It was a mystery of invisible weapon was solved by scientists who use a pipe to release the gas from the bottom of the lake. Fourth, is the biggest volcano ever measured in solar system, Olympus Mons (the Martian Marvel), if it were on earth, it would sink due to absence of tectonic plates.
Krakatoa in Indonesia is the first global catastrophe to strike. It was an island formed by a volcano, later following volcanic explosion the island was blown apart, and it also triggered a tsunami which caused mass destruction. In Hawaii, the world’s most active volcano, Kilauea, is located in the sea and has created the Hawaii islands. It spills lava making more land with minimum danger. Surtsey is an island that emerged out of water in 1963 after volcanic eruption. It is said to be source of life as creatures have been seen surviving at the floor of the ocean where black sulphur gas oozes.
Dormant Mount Pinatubo became active in 1991, it began with small eruptions that called for mass evacuation, after which it caused the biggest eruption of 20th century. Tambora in Indonesia blew up in1815 and left a massive crater behind. It caused spread of ashes in air that caused global effect in weather like making Europe extremely cold, floods in India and yellow snow in Italy all which lead to famine and disease. Lastly is Yellowstone, a super volcano which was undiscovered for long. It is a crater, surrounded with hot springs and geyser making it a tourist spot. Stewart is a great geologist who assists many people in understanding volcanology and shows various fascinating and unique volcanic activities in the history.
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Stewart, Lain. 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Volcanoes, 2013. Web. 30 Nov. 2014. Read More
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