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Population Growth - Essay Example

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In the paper “Population Growth” the author analyzes the effect of damaging the Earth’s natural-capital as well as increasing carbon-dioxide buildup in the ecosystem by the rapid population growth. The global population growth-rate is estimated to be 80 million annually which is an alarming rate…
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Population Growth
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Extract of sample "Population Growth"

Population Growth Introduction The global population growth is deemed to reach 9.7 billion by the year 2050 andsubsequently 11.2 billion by the year 2100 which will pose unsustainability challenges to the mother earth. The main projection is perceived to be caused by Africa’s population which is rising at exponential rates. The rapid population growth has the effect of damaging the Earth’s natural-capital as well as increasing carbon-dioxide buildup in the ecosystem. Hence, population-control approaches are more effective than the traditional birth-control limitation, since they have long-term and radical impacts on environmental protection and reproductive health control.
According to historians, the world populations continue to double at wrecking speeds with every century. It is noted that before the 20th century, no humans lived while seeing the population growth double, but in the current millennium, there are individuals who have seen it triple (Kunzig Para 1).
Based on Aridi Para (3) people nowadays are living longer than in ancient times. Additionally, a majority of the women today are at their child-bearing years approximately 1.8 billion of them. Based on this trend, the global population growth is perceived to keep increasing despite the reduction of children per woman as compared to the past generation. The UN demographers estimate the total population to reach 9 billion between year the 2045 and 2050.
The global population growth-rate is estimated to be 80 million annually which is an alarming rate. The effects of this enormous growth rates can be confirmed by falling water-tables, massive soil erosion, melting of glaciers and reduced fish stocks. Furthermore, there are close to 1 billion people who suffer starvation every day. After some decades, 2 billion people will suffer starvation especially in developing countries. (Kunzig Para 5).
Population Control Approaches
Health and education: the policy was implemented in Kerala, Southwest India, which saw fertility reduce to 1.7. The demographers said the outcome was successful due to the achievement of 90% female literacy-level. Sexuality education is important in all learning institutions so as to prevent unwanted pregnancies; initiate abstinence and reduce birthrates among students (Aridi Para 8). The policy can be adapted on the global scene in order to institute disciplined fertility.
International agreements: the approach emphasizes on the formulation of regular international conferences to address global: poverty eradication, family planning, women empowerment, reproductive health-services, responsible sexual-behaviors among men and environmental protection (Aridi Para 9).
Family planning: the approach focuses on improving reproductive health as well as controlling the timing and number of child-births (Kunzig Para 11). Family planning services will assist in minimizing global population-growth and preservation of the environment.
Eliminating childbearing incentives; governments which offer incentives to women to procreate should be advised to stop and focus on labor participation of the active population (Aridi Para 8).
Eradicating gender bias from policies: independent women who can manage their own welfares like their counterparts (men) are more likely to ignore childbearing or have fewer children than women with deprived rights (Kunzig Para 12).
Education on environmental costs: people can be educated on the impacts of unwanted birthrates against the environment by quantifying their costs on taxes, food costs as well as the impact on their overall cost of living (Aridi Para 9).
Implementing other population control approaches is more effective than birth control measure. The global population is estimated to reach 9 million between year 2045 and 2050 which is alarming at the current growth rate of 80 million per year. Hence, control measures like education can empower men and women on responsible sexual behaviors; International agreements can help formulate a global sustainable growth pattern and eradication of childbearing incentives among practicing governments; and education on the impacts of population growth on Mother Nature which is the supreme provider of all resources.
Works cited:
Aridi, Sara. Global population soars toward 11 billion by 2100. Can Earth support growth? 2015. Web 15th Sept 2015 Kunzig, Ribert. Population 7 Billion. 2011. Web 15th Sept 2015 Read More
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