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What is the #1 global challenge facing humans on earth - Essay Example

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The modern society experiences a population explosion which dominates as a crisis in the world nations. The discussion on overpopulation focuses on distinctive elements…
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What is the #1 global challenge facing humans on earth
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Extract of sample "What is the #1 global challenge facing humans on earth"

Download file to see previous pages The contemporary setting explains that a beneficial economy generates overpopulation due to competing survival skills and behavior.
The current world population statistics indicate figure above seven billion. A comparison of the same figure over years of economic transformation and industrialization reveals a steady increase in the general population. This paper analyzes overpopulation as a leading global challenge facing humans on earth. The discussion targets to explore causes of overpopulation, effects of overpopulation and solutions to overpopulation. Various population data of the world’s nations will form the basis of argument on the topic. The presentation will also feature various population conditions in regards to geography as a course study to address the crisis “The population of Earth in 2014 is estimated to be 7.2 billion, but people are not evenly distributed across the landscape” (Dahlman & William, 210).
The major cause of the world’s overpopulation crisis arises from growing birth rates on different regions of the world. The difference between the birth rate and mortality rate is the growth rate. This is a significant contributor to the rapidly increasing population of the world’s human race. The reduced mortality rate supports population explosion with increased population in unproductive regions of the world. A major contributor to the reduced mortality rate is the increased innovation and technological advancement. The invention of better medical services increases the life saving aspects of a given community or population. The uneven distribution of humans means that some places are more “crowded” than others are, and other places are more “empty.” (Dahlman & William, 212).
The advancement supports both age groups between the young, middle aged and the old populations. The application of improved medical facilities operates directly with an immediate population resulting to increased lifespan and population ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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