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Population control in India - Essay Example

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There is an urgent need for global population control, especially in India. The existing situation of the population in India puts a lot of pressure on…
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Population control in India
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Extract of sample "Population control in India"

Download file to see previous pages In a bid to control the Indian population crisis, the government should implement some of the notable approaches including the use of contraceptive, sterilization and population policies. This paper looks at some scholarly proposals and suggests ways of controlling India’s population crisis.
According to the 2004 Gupta’s article review on population, the Project Small Family (PSF) is one of the population control demonstration projects that can assist in the control of human population in India. The implementation of the scheme is taking place in the tribal belts of central India. Under the program, the family planning methods is shifted to the women participants by encouraging model family customs voluntarily. The program promotes small family set ups through providing regulated financial aid to the poor women who in exchange follow a reproductive system stipulated by the program (Gupta, 2004). The program provides a platform where the control of population targets the poor, who are characteristically associated with uncontrolled births. The program may achieve what other traditional birth control methods have not achieved by pegging the financial aid to an agreement to birth control. The desire and enthusiasm of getting financial leverage in the current state of economic turmoil may be a valid motivator to trigger effective birth control among the tribal population in India. The Indian government may follow suit to help the NGOs initiating such plans because it is a win-win situation in the fight against poverty and population control. Results from the demonstration of PSF in India are promising since it makes the poorest uneducated women of the society observe birth control measures based on the financial incentives they get. However, the method may fail in the event that such financial aids reduce.
In her article, Sarah Hodges proposes that population control may take the concept of wise reproductive practices in the modern India. The method ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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