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Qatar - Essay Example

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The Bedouin’s decent is traced from the nomads of the Arabian Peninsula. The ancestors of Hadar were settled town dwellers. They are descendants of Bedouin, many of them descent from…
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Extract of sample "Qatar"

Download file to see previous pages Qatar is a little peninsula that is on the western shore of the Arabian Gulf and it covers approximately 4,247 square miles (6,286 square kilometers). Qatar is just 160 kilometers north into the Persian Gulf from Saudi Arabia. It is located between latitudes 24° and 27° N, and longitudes 50° and 52° E. Qatar mostly consist of low and barren plain that is covered with sand. To the southeast lies the Khor al Adaid (‘Inland Sea’), which is a region of rolling sand dunes surrounding Persian Gulf’s inlet? The landmass creates a rectangle that is described by the local folklore as resembling right hand’s palm that is extended in a prayer. The neighboring nations include Iran to the northeast. Bahrain to the northwest, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to the south. Both Qatar and Bahrain claim the Hawar Islands located west of Qatar and it is uninhabited. Just recently, only few semi-permanent seasonal encampments have been found in the interior desert. Resources of water that are near the coast together with opportunities for pearl diving, fishing, and seagoing trade have facilitated larger, and additional permanent settlements. The patterns of these settlements have contributed to the social differences between Hadar and Bedouin.
Qatar’s climate can be described as subtropical dry, hot desert climate that has low annual rainfall. During the summer the temperatures are extremely high and there is a big difference between maximum and minimum temperatures, more so in the inland areas. The Persian Gulf slightly influences the coastal areas and have lower maximum, however, it has higher minimum temperatures and the moisture percentage in the air are higher. Summer ‘June – September’ is extremely hot with low rainfall. Daily maximum temperatures are able to easily reach 40°C or more. Winter is cooler with irregular rainfall. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Qatar which neighboring countries attempted to claim Qatar as their own. Furthermore, Qatar was imposed upon and even ruled by foreign powers such as the Ottoman Empire and Britain. Qatar finally became fully independent on the 3rd of September 19712. Independence brought about a stabilizing factor in the country’s political, economical and social affairs. This allowed for Qatar to transform itself from a poor and corrupted state into an economically wealthy, politically stable and socially developing country. In the past, Qatar’s economy relied heavily on pearling and fishing; however, after the 1940s oil and gas reserves were discovered which helped...
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Qatar National Vision 2030

... dimension. As far as the living conditions are concerned, the vision aims at developing beyond the production of oil. Basically, vision 2030 Qatar aims at impacting the human development, social, economic and environmental development. Human development is an aspect of the vision that Qatar aims at bringing it to life. The aspects that have been outlined in the human development include the health of the people of Qatar and their political well being. According to General secretariat for development (2012) the vision aims at improving the health of a citizen of Qatar by coming up with a system of healthcare provision that is well integrated. Technology is the order here and, therefore, healthcare services will deploy the latest technology...
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...recommended. Table of Contents Contents EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1 1. Introduction 1 1.1 Background 1 1.2 Qatar Airways 1 1.3 Current Marketing and Promotion Policies 2 1.4 Report Objective 3 2. Competitors and Situation Analysis 3 2.1 Porter’s Five Forces 3 2.2 SWOT 6 2.3 Justification for revising marketing strategy 9 3. Recommended Marketing Strategy 9 3.1 Marketing Objectives 9 3.2 Segmentation 10 3.3 Targeting 10 3.4 Positioning 10 3.5 Marketing Mix variables 11 3.6 Application of social media 13 3.7 Recommended social media strategy for Qatar Airways 14 4. Marketing Budget 17 5. Contingency Plan 19 6. Conclusion 19 1. Introduction 1.1 Background Marketing is no more a mere functional discipline but for...
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.... This also helped in changing the overall perspectives for the airlines industry in Qatar. Figure: IATA Airlines growth by regions Source: Center for Asia Pacific Aviation (2010) According to the IATA (2010) report, the growth of Middle East airlines industry was more than 10% by the end of June 2009 which was one of the fastest growth rates in the global airlines industry. Some of the reasons of the better performance of the Middle East airlines are their customer focused approach, competitive services that is helping them increasing the customer base. The reduction of prices of premium and luxury services has helped in increase demand of this segment. Some companies have established their names for the high standard...
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... 0.16% 0.315 0.05 Vodafone Qatar (VFQS) 20.63% 1.04 0.05 Now, Treynor Measure can be calculated as follows: P ONTARIO B2024 = [0.0635 – 0.05]/1.14 = 0.0118 Ooredoo = [0.0618 -0.05]/1.36 = 0.0087 QNB = [0.0216 – 0.05]/4.06 = -0.007 Doha Insurance =[0.0016-0.05]/0.315 = -0.154 Vodafone Qatar (VFQS) = [0.206-0.05]/1.04 = 0.15 Randgold Resources Limited (GOLD) = -0.064 – 0.05]/4.74 = -0.024 Since the best portfolio is the one with the highest Treynor Measure, I conclude that P Vodafone Qatar (VFQS) is the best portfolio. Other calculations used to assess risk 1. Covariance Covariance shows how two dependent portfolio move together. Usually, a group of assets which are not perfectly correlated provides the best combination of investment. Putting...
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...firms listed in the Qatari stock exchange thus presenting it as one of the most successful sectors in the Qatar market. The consistent growth of this sector has always been attributed to the higher lending associated with higher scale of infrastructural projects. The slated 2022 FIFA world cup in Qatar has also stimulated a high growth in the investment projects making the sector the best performing at the moment (Qatar, 2014). The Insurance sector: this sector has 12 firms listed on the stock exchange market and is rated as one of the best performing sectors in the Qatar’s economy. This sector has been receiving annual growth rate of at least 11.3% from the year 2008...
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...-8 global financial crises, and is expected to continue for the next years due to the rising prices of oil and natural gas. This paper purpose to statistically determine whether the values of Qatar’s exports in oil and gas sector depend on Qatar’s economy, the size of the Importing country, or/and by the distance between Qatar and the importing country. Analysis The statistical analysis of the link between the value of Qatar’s export and Qatar’s economy, size of the importing country, and the distance between Qatar and the importing country will take the following regression model. , Where lnExport is the natural log the value of trade, lnGDPQatar is the natural log of Qatar’s GDP, lnGDPIC is the natural log of the oil importing country’s...
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Qatar Airways

... to both existing and new destinations. The addition of airlines provides a major increase in the number of passengers and networks. Qatar Airways is one of the launch customers of the twin-deck super jumbo recognized for its luxurious design and as the world’s biggest aircraft capable of carrying capacity of 555 passengers. The first aircraft was delivered in 2014. The company also operates corporate jets for its executive subsidiary launched in 2009. The use of modern technology is a major advantage in the airline industries; it plays a key role in enhancing efficiency and customer services, the Qatar airways has partnered with Wipro Infotech in order to conceptualize their growth strategies. This gives them a competitive edge...
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... infrastructure and energy provision that Qatar will engage within its new and developing cities will ultimately be successful or not (Koch 2014; Alzubaidi2013). Short Term Outlook: Whereas it is of course tempting to utilize Qatar’s mass levels of financial reserves as a means of purchasing the most advanced green and renewable energy systems that are currently available, this particular temptation must at least partially be resisted. The underlying reason for this has to do with the fact that Qatar is a unique nation within unique latitude that exhibits a litany of unique environmental challenges. First and foremost among these is of course the fact that Qatar is a relatively hot climate that has very little rainfall and must therefore...
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Brief Information about Qatar

.... During the late 1980s and early 1990s, the Qatari economy was crippled by a continuous siphoning off of petroleum revenues by the Amir, who had ruled the country since 1972.(Qatar Population, 2009) Like most of the other gulf countries, oil resources are the major revenue sources for Qatar. Apart from oil resources, tourism and marine products are also contributed heavily to the Qatar economy. Even though Islam is the major religion, most of the other religions like the Christians, Hindus etc are also present in Qatar at present who came there as expatriate workforce. ‘Qatar airways’ is one of the finest airliners of the world. Many business...
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