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Protecting refugee women from the sexual violence in refugee camps (sexual violence against refugee women) - Essay Example

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Women are the most susceptible victims of sexual violence. This form of evil is a worldwide predicament. Escaping from a warring country is not a safety guarantee for…
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Protecting refugee women from the sexual violence in refugee camps (sexual violence against refugee women)
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Extract of sample "Protecting refugee women from the sexual violence in refugee camps (sexual violence against refugee women)"

Download file to see previous pages Female refugees in this position seek political asylum. Refugee and aid agencies should ensure bringing justice to victims and bringing to book the perpetrators of sexual violence (Parrot, & Cummings, 2008). In the face of conflict, there is a disruption of families and women have to protect their families. When families disperse, separations of children from their families occur. In the process of conflict arising, women face sexual abuse from those in power, sexual bartering, and abduction by those in conflict and mass rape. Fleeing women face sexual attacks by bandits, border guards, and pirates. While in the asylum country, they have to endure sexual coercion from locals and those in authority, as well as prostitution for survival (Alfredson 2009, p. 154). Regardless of the age of a victim, sexual violence strips off a woman’s self-worth and dignity.
In the refugee camps, the women are at risk and easy target to sexual violence from the military, residents, migration officials, and police. Their vulnerability is because of the dependency created in refugee camps. From a Report on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (1998), women are vulnerable because there is no work, or the systems do not ensure that everyone has access to his or her rations. The women are also in danger while escaping heir war-torn countries. They become prey to smugglers and border guards who extort sexual favours from them to allow them entry into the host country. These women do not report the cases to authorities because of the stigma associated with sexual violence and fear of the authorities in power.
When invading a section of victims body with a sexual organ, or anal or any genital opening of the victim using an object or any other part of the body.
 This would include by force, in coercion, threatening to use force, in a ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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