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Exploring Refugees religion continuity and change - Essay Example

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This would not have been possible without God’s grace on me and the assistance, advisement, and support of a number of people around me. My advisor Barbara Settles, who became a wonderful coach and a friend, she believed on me from the…
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Exploring Refugees religion continuity and change
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Download file to see previous pages She motivated me to participate on local and international events.
I consider myself a lucky woman because I had the chance to come to the United States and experience the richness of the culture and knowledge. I was blessed to meet fantastic people who I learned something from each one of them. Through my study in University of Delaware, I have had the honor of taking many inspiring classes taught by intelligent, passionate, and caring professors, and I learned many things through my discussion with my friends and colleagues whom I had classes.
During the past three years, my family and friends contributions were very essential on my emotional support. I could not have done any of this without their support, prayers, encouragement, and advices that helped me through stress and confusion. In addition, I am truly thankful for my friend Saied who encouraged me through tough time, and who was always there for me. He made sure to take care of my health problem, and volunteered to drive me for conducting the interviews.
I would like to thank all the individuals who agreed to be interviewed. I greatly appreciate their hospitality to invite me to their houses, giving me their time, and speaking freely about their religion, rituals, challenges, and hopes. They gave me the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of their lives. It is my hope that this research project help to promote a better image about Muslims, and that American gain better understanding for Muslim families.
24 I follow the same rituals same as back home. For example, I only eat halal food where we buy a whole slaughtered sheep and we keep it in the freezer. Also, I do not shake men’s hands, and people know I am a Muslim and these things are forbidden. (H, 39, 131) 60
The studies of Arab Muslim refugees in the United States are just in the beginning; research is needed on wellbeing of families. Refugees have more challenges than many other immigrants because of what they have experienced ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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