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Food Deserts - Essay Example

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The article seeks to sensitize the populace of the complications associated with over-dependence on desert foods. The contemporary markets are…
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Food Deserts
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Extract of sample "Food Deserts"

Food Deserts Food Deserts Steven Gray’s article “Can America’s Urban Food Deserts Bloom” indeed makes a strong point regarding consumption of such foods. The article seeks to sensitize the populace of the complications associated with over-dependence on desert foods. The contemporary markets are replete of fast foods, a thing that many embraces. As evidenced in the article, blacks and Latino seems to be the major consumers. Gray highlights that Detroit gets into the statistics of densely populated cities. The stores and supermarkets make huge returns from the sale of such foods (Gray, 2009). For any starter in this industry, the secret is to run countless number of ads that will ultimately make the business known. Gray backs this assertion by explicitly giving a scenario of one store that trades in the sale of meat. It emerges that the business makes huge sales irrespective of the health concerns linked to the desert foods. Thus, the article offers an insight into the rising cases of obesity and other problems attributable to unhealthy diet.
In the article “Food Deserts Leave Many Americans High and Dry”, John Matson gives a vivid illustration of the correlation between consumption of food deserts and health problems. He states that places where fresh foods often lack have high health problems (Matson, 2015). Therefore, the idea conveyed is that consumption of fresh foods connects with health promotion. It is surprising to find that regions that have little fresh foods will often have most of its stores and other outlets full of fast foods (Matson, 2015). Matson posits that the ongoing extensive scientific based research is necessary to establish such a correlation. Consumption of deserts foods also links to the household income, as well as the access to the road. Using the map, the nearest food desert in Liberty County, GA is in Flemington.
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Food Deserts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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