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Cultural competence - Essay Example

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According to a statistics of the World Food Program (WFP), 805 million people suffer from hunger and are struggling hard to live a healthy life, with 13.5% of the…
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Cultural competence
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Extract of sample "Cultural competence"

Download file to see previous pages We the World Hunger Eradication Grants Organization (WHEGO) of the United States strive hard to eradicate hunger and make people in the world to live a healthy life. Our motto is to exterminate hunger and poverty by funding deserving and innovative projects that address world hunger and so we are about to look at proposals from countries and its organizations. I am a member of the grant awarding committee and I would explain in this report what are the eligibility criteria that a country must demonstrate in order to be considered for the grant, to what kind of organizations we would award the grant, and what are the required elements of the progress report/proposal that needs to be submitted in order to successfully avail the grants issued by our organization.
Every year we allot US $50,000 to $500,000 for various poor and developing countries and their organizations that come forward with sustainable solutions to eradicate hunger through innovative food projects. In spite of the civil society’s efforts to provide food for the people suffering from hunger through food pantries, food banks, and other direct servicing programs, the numbers of starving people continue to swell in countries like Africa particularly in parts of Sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern, South-eastern and Southern Asia (“2015 World hunger and,” 2015). So, this time we are looking for conceptualized projects from the African country of , that are yet to be implemented and those which are having high potential for accomplishment and replication.
The first and foremost eligibility criterion for a country to receive our grant is to be a current dues-paying member of WHEGO. As the African country of Burundi is a current member of our organization, it duly satisfies this criterion. The country which has received our granting award in the last two years can neither apply ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Cultural Competence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words)
Cultural Competence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
“Cultural Competence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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... with individuals across cultures. Furthermore, a culturally competent person must value prevalent diversity in culture, and portray actions or attitudes that accept as well as promote different cultures. The individual should respond effectively and respectively to people of all races, sexual orientations, cultures, ethnic background, religions or faiths, and classes. Health and human services profession requires a practitioner to recognize, value, and affirm the worth of tribes, individuals, families as well as community. The practitioner also has a responsibility to preserve and protect the dignity of all people in the community. Standards for cultural competence Health and human services work has several cultural competence standards...
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... proficiency or literacy (Tseng &Streltzer, 2008). This paper will examine how cultural competence could be applicable to nursing care of the chronically ill patient and family, and how it could help eliminate health disparities for the chronically ill patients in the United States. How cultural competence can be applicable to nursing care of the chronically ill patient and family. Cultural competence is a dynamic and a lifetime learning process of understanding the culture, behavior, language and other factors that may hinder progress between a nurse and a chronically ill patient and family. Therefore, a professional nurse needs specific knowledge about the chronically ill patient, families and the community within (Kersey- Matusiak, 2013...
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... practically and fulfilling their pledges and promises in order to win the trust of the public. Introduction The cultural competence is defined as one’s ability to adopt cultural norms and ways of a certain locality or geographical area in order to appear native to local population. Humans do not like to trust outsiders and foreigners whereas, they hate to do business with them and therefore, it is imperative for businesses and social workers to win trust of the local population before getting on with their work in an area (Brien, 1998). However, cultural adaptation is an important step because culture is the software of human mind and because of this reason; people like to engage with those individuals who share their philosophy...
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... of the chronically ill: Qualitative insights. Families in Society; May/Jun 2001; 82, 3; ProQuest pg. 263 Brown Claire D. and Reyes Jose, 1997. Using Cultural Competence to Tailor Our Message to Males Healy Karen, 2005. The strengths Perspective: Social work theories in context: creating frameworks for practice Karen Healy", Chapter 8, 2005, pp. 151-171 Ming Liu William, 2005. The Study of Men and Masculinity as an Important Multicultural Competency Consideration, University of Iowa... Male Cultural Competence response Part A Gender issues are indeed important aspects of the study, considering their significance in different societies, most especially from the multicultural...
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Cultural competence al affiliation Cultural competence Cultural competence is an imperative ongoing process in nursing thatneeds to be embraced and understood in addressing patients. The world has become small as people from myriad ethnicity and cultures have intermingled. As a result, nurses acquire skills and knowledge that refine their cultural competence in the workplace. Cultural preservation ensures that nurses utilize cultural practices that are backed, scientifically, alongside biomedical system (Jeffreys, 2010). Acupuncture and acupressure are examples of cultural preservation where nurse use scientifically supported practices in treating patients. Cultural accommodation strategies include covering baby’s head and burial...
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Cultural competence

..., attitudes and skill are used enthusiastically for cultural evaluation of patient’s health beliefs and practices, and for negotiating culturally harmonizing health interventions through expertise cross cultural communication. Health care providers can employ a number of strategies of cultural competence in their practice so as to deliver effectively; for instance, cultural accommodations can have a big payoff for patient’s emotional well-being because it supports and facilitates the use of cultural practices that have not been proven harmful, a good case study is placing a metal object such as coin or key on the umbilicus of a new-born child, which is understood to promote healing according to some societies (Srivastava,2007). However...
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... cultural competence to understand people's cultural differences and the impact of social injustices on their wellbeing and to go beyond race and ethnicity (Healy, 2000). By implementing cultural care and as a social worker, I can more effectively address social injustice issues faced by vulnerable people in our community and tailor to the appropriate needs of clients empowering them to live life with dignity, respect and values. PART B Diversity refers to the characteristics that make people different from each other. Such differences set in as a result of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds (Omoniyi & White, 2006). In Canberra, the diverse communities bring vibrancy, innovation, new ideas, economic development, resources...
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Cultural Competence

...conomic, educational and religious variables, among others further reinforce the diversity in health beliefs (p. 224). There is also the challenge of making the diverse constituencies of health institutions understand the highly sophisticated American health care system. There so many other factors such as language barriers that further complicate the situation. All these underpin the imperative for cultural competence on the part of health care practitioners. One of the most widely used and, certainly, most comprehensive definitions of cultural competence was written by Cross et al., (1989), who stated that it is “a set of congruent behaviors, attitudes, and policies that come together in a system, agency or among professionals and...
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