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Business and Political Opportunity of Ethiopia - Coursework Example

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The author of this paper "Business and Political Opportunity of Ethiopia" presents the business strategies of the country and the influence of the politics on the economic sector. Financial resources are also the question under consideration in this paper…
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Business and Political Opportunity of Ethiopia
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Extract of sample "Business and Political Opportunity of Ethiopia"

Download file to see previous pages The Ethiopian economy is controlled by elite kings, usually described as slavery in the modern world (Clarke 97-101). Private ownership of lands had never been heard of until the 1970s, with inequitable landholdings of the country under the slogan, ‘Land to The Tiller” where the state ended up owning lands itself instead of giving it to the people. Though the state controls land ownership, rural peasants and pastoralists are guaranteed a lifetime of “holding right”, while urban residents are guaranteed the right to get land for residence for 99 years lease based; these rights give all rights to the people of Ethiopia except sale and mortgage right. However, from 1974 during the fall of emperor Hailesilassie, land remained public property despite earlier socialist-oriented military government to make land property of the people and not the state.
At the moment, Ethiopian economic growth is estimated to remain strong in the year 2015 under the Growth and Transformation Plan. This plan aims at boosting agriculture as the heart of the country's economic growth, promoting industrial development and aiding the development of quality infrastructure. However, corruption is a key issue in Ethiopia. The historical background of economic policies reflects centuries of internal conflicts and external threats. Internally, varying customs, religions, and ethnicity served as focal points in the contest for power and control of economic resources (Adejumobi 187). Externally, regardless of the fact that the country has never been colonized, it’s fought hostile and powerful colonial powers that encircled it and rendered its independence a besieged one. Consequently, it strengthened itself as a militarist state to protect itself, highly importing weapons and exporting commodities. Thus, this paper states that the institutional legacies of internal conflict and militarization are the key influences of major internal growth and development of the Ethiopia economy. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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