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Place - Research Paper Example

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The human migration that takes place from one area to the next has different methods of defining globalization by showing the changes that have…
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Place Paper
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Extract of sample "Place"

Download file to see previous pages This report will examine the growth of Shenzhen, an industrial town in China with a great potential to rise above the different issues within the local systems. With the modern post-industrial societies, the impact that skills have in the society is high and thus the globalization of an area may occur at a faster rate due to the skills available.
In the world today, the impact that skills have in everyday life is quite essential for human survival. The goal of the society is to nurture people and make sure that these skills are used appropriately for the right work. The various geographical regions that define the areas that people live have been redefined by globalization as people make use of the available space for their living quarters (Rosa, 2013). The people create different housing structures to ensure there is a room for anyone wishing to live in that particular area. Most affected by these changes are the laborers who have to look for daily wages for their upkeep. The goal is to enhance the role of the society in improving their attributes as they utilize their skills in meeting their daily goals. This is what people in Shenzhen have to live with in their growing city as people struggle to keep up with the increasing populations (Jacques, 2009).
As Parenti notes regarding the area of Juarez, the people will look for various means of survival, even if it means endangering their lives by taping electricity from poles near their houses (2012). Most of the people live dangerously because any flooding will result into increased chances of electrocution, something that they have to look out for as a way of minimizing their chances of death. However, they have to survive because of the high living standards that are in place (Rosa, 2013). People now have to benefit from what they have rather than what the country possesses. The richer nations are taking advantage of the ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Place Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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