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Globalization has changed the dynamics of business throughout the world. It has transformed the world into a global village where boundaries do not matter. Alongside with other changes, globalization has also brought many important changes in the dynamics of public administration…
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Effect of Globalization on Public Administration
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Download file to see previous pages The shaping of public policy today should be such that ‘the right’ people are attracted to the country. Globalization has also increased diversity in the workplace meaning that many people of different origins are working in the public sector. Management styles should also change in order to accept the changes of globalization. Competition is another dimension of public administration that globalization has contributed. Private sector is increasing its participation in the public sector due to deregulation and this is increasing competition. Global financialiazation has also affected public administration greatly. Introduction Globalization has changed the dynamics of business significantly all over the world. Newer business practices and management techniques have become inevitable in the new business environment that is dominated by diversity, both outward (customers) and inward (employees). Our world has transformed into a global village where distances no longer matter. This has both increased the problems and opportunities for businesses. . Competition has increased but many new opportunities are also there to grab. Globalization has not only affected private firms who aim to maximize profits. Public sector organizations are equally affected by the process of globalization. ...
Diversity will be discussed and how it has increased problems for public administrators. Management issues that have come up as a result of globalization in the public sector will also be elucidated. The element of competition in the public services sector will also be explained alongside with the global financial markets and its effect on public administration. In the end an appropriate video will also be suggested that will shed more light on globalization. Defining Globalization Globalization refers to eradication of state regulations on trade and exchanges across country borders, and a highly integrated and complex system of production, finance, and exchange that has emerged as a result of it (Palmer, 2002). The term globalization refers to a phenomenon that has changed the world in the 20th century. During 20th century many changes occurred in the whole world. The two world wars fought gave rise to massive industrialization throughout the world. An increasingly capitalistic system became popular and regulation became ‘old-fashioned’. Countries soon realized that they were making more goods than they could consumer and this gave rise to global trade on a large scale. After that countries attempted to produce only goods in which they possessed a competitive advantage. This again bolstered globalization. Globalization does not only refer to the economic changes that occurred in the 20th century rather it encompasses many things like cultures, traditions, consumption patterns, technology etc. All these things have become ‘globalized’ today and country specific differences are shrinking. Cultural globalization refers to homogenization of global culture which is happening due ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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