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Globalization Impact on Public Services in Egypt - Research Proposal Example

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The author of this research "Globalization Impact on Public Services in Egypt" focuses on the impact of International Trade Organization rules and regulations on the public service of Egypt as a developing country. Reportedly, globalization is synonymous to international trade liberalization…
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Globalization Impact on Public Services in Egypt
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Extract of sample "Globalization Impact on Public Services in Egypt"

Download file to see previous pages This chapter intends to present to the reader a general introduction to the subject of research as well as the related topics of research such as the impact of International Trade Organization rules and regulations on the public service of Egypt as a developing country.
Specifically, the investigator will be directed to answer the following questions:
1. What is the significant relationship between globalization and public service
2. What are the rules of the ITO for internationalizing the provision of Public Service
3. What are the effects of internationalizing the main public service such as education, health, and infrastructure projects
4. What are the impacts of globalization on public services of Egypt
1.2. Objectives of the Study
In view of the preceding discussions, this study then broadly aims to provide a perspective on the impact of globalization on public services in Egypt.
To facilitate the achievement of this objective, this research will attempt to attain the following specific operational objectives:
To determine the significant relationship between globalization and public service.
To state the rules of the ITO for internationalizing the provision of Public Service.
To investigate the effects of internationalizing the main public service such as the education sector, health sector, and infrastructure projects.
To expose the impacts of globalization on public services case study on Egypt
The data of this study will be collected from the online data series such as Stat _Metadata, GATT, WTO, and ITO. This will be collected to investigate the effect of globalization on public services (health sector, education, and infrastructure) in Egypt.
The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade has evolved into what is now the World Trade Organization. Practically, the major factor for the realization of globalization is the recently developed WTO. World trade organization broke all the barriers of international trade. It liberalized traffic of goods and services import and exports.
Globalization increased the number of economic sectors, allowing the activities of trans-national entities, and reducing tariffs on merchandise (Landau 2004). It now includes services and intellectual properties. Also, it enhanced the strengthening of individual member country's economic policies.
The World Trade Organization members who are considered as the vector of globalization failed to draft a new policy as to international trade. But, this has been considered to be a minimal threat to spontaneous bubbles in protectionism which usually results in economic collapse (Deutsch and Speyer 2001). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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