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Balancing school work while maintaining full time employment with Wellpoint - Essay Example

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Unfortunately, it happens so that people, who have already made career and have a family, are forced to return to the classroom. This return is not happy, because in…
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Balancing school work while maintaining full time employment with Wellpoint
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Extract of sample "Balancing school work while maintaining full time employment with Wellpoint"

Balancing School Work While Maintaining Full Time Employment with WellPoint According to the statistics and common sense, more than 60% of the students begin to work even in the third year. Unfortunately, it happens so that people, who have already made career and have a family, are forced to return to the classroom. This return is not happy, because in addition to the work with charts, meetings and reports, another «home» job is added. The main question is whether the person is able to organize his time to do so much as it is possible, and what it will cost for him.
As a starting point we take the 8-hour working day (8:30 am -5:30 pm) and minimum time recommended as sufficient for sleep - 7 hours. Now we should distribute the remaining 9 hours. It is quiet important to set clear priorities and outline a strict schedule. Workload is different in different semesters, but nonetheless, it would be better not to delay the tasks. On average for the beginning of the learning process 3-4 hours (for example, 6:15 pm-9:15 pm) a day may be a sufficient term. Most likely it engages in the evening (for example, Tuesdays and Thursdays) that unfortunately will affect the efficiency of employment, but to work a little every day is much easier than to deal with the whole information during twenty-four hours. This time on Monday, Wednesday, Fridays, plus weekends we use for revising the material.
Of the remaining hours, two of them will be spent on “work-home” way and the associated shopping. If you do not cook at home, then 1.5-2 hours will be enough for taking meals. Half an hour will be taken for the procedures which you could not refuse in any case, for example, taking shower. The rest hours will be used for the family needs and force majeure during the week. So, the week time would be divided nearly like that: Read More
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