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Cultural geography has changed my view of the world - Essay Example

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It is a subfield in human geography, which is the study of various cultural products, norms and variations and their relations to various spaces and places. It analyzes how various cultural phenomena vary or stay…
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Cultural geography has changed my view of the world
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Extract of sample "Cultural geography has changed my view of the world"

Download file to see previous pages nd that the main reason for the growth of the international business in the global economy from the 20th century is due to transport and communication improvements brought about by globalization. This explains the increased business relations of between various countries across the globe. The economic and cultural interdependence seen in the world is also because of globalization.
It has also enabled me to understand the aspect of westernized world and why it has been influential across the globe. It has helped me understand that the process of westernization joins the western influences and interests with parts of those countries that are affected. These affected countries or communities are often trying their best to understand and change towards the westernized society in search of the western life or some of its aspects. Cultural geography has also helped me understand that there are three categories of landscapes ranging from those built by humans, others that have evolved organically, and others that are associative or valued due to religion, art, or cultural dimensions.
Initially, I thought globalization had done the world more harm than good due to the economic hardships witnessed in some countries. These economic hardships resulted into increased difference between the rich and the poor. However, globalization, according to cultural geography has enhanced increased the levels of communication and transportation thus increasing the levels of international business in the global economy (Ritzer, 2010). Moreover, I had the notion that western countries are less affected in the aspect of westernization of non-western countries. However, such western countries adopt various changes either cultural or psychological in the event of establishing contacts with various other groups in non-western groups in the globe. They adopt changes, which are in line with their lifestyles, physical appearances and other aspects and shifts in the cultural patterns.
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