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The aim of this assignment is to critically review and compare two academic papers that present different perspectives on cultural geographies of nature - Essay Example

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In actual world, nature describes the various phenomena that exist in the physical universe or life in general. The concept is broad, ranging from…
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The aim of this assignment is to critically review and compare two academic papers that present different perspectives on cultural geographies of nature
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Extract of sample "The aim of this assignment is to critically review and compare two academic papers that present different perspectives on cultural geographies of nature"

Download file to see previous pages For instance, it comprises of the earth’s geology and weather, energy and matter and other natural concepts in the world. In most cases, nature is taken to mean, the wilderness or natural environment. In this case, it comprises of beaches, forests animals, rocks and generally, the many things that have remained unchanged though human activities.
These things also do not change despite the increased dynamism in human activities from one part of the world to another. It is important to note that human interactions and various manufactured objects are not usually considered as part of nature. These activities can only be grouped as part of nature if only they are qualified, for instance, human nature.
This paper makes a comparison of how cultural geographies of nature have been explored by two research articles that have been made by people concerned about cultural management of geographical aspects. The paper examines the concepts of Spatialization of nature, according to how these two journals have explored its application. Additionally, it also makes a comparison of how relationships between nature and culture have been done in the two journals, as well as how time has also been explored.
Spatialization of nature comprises of the effective combinations of various scientific and visual techniques having spatial metaphors in representing data, which cannot be described as being spatial according to nature. Some of the most familiar spatial ideas like direction and distance, arrangement and scale among others make up some of the experiences that people have in their daily lives.
Bhatti & Church (2004), in their research article, explain that these ideas are used in many instances to develop two and three-dimensional representations of various complex digital information (38). Castree is also of the view that so far, no subject testing has been conducted in the process of determining the effectiveness of these methods for the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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