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Landscapes and Film - Essay Example

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Still, some directors consider landscape as an important character that can accelerate the smooth flow of their films. Within this…
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Landscapes and Film
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Extract of sample "Landscapes and Film"

Download file to see previous pages esis statement: In the film Witchfinder General, the director (say, Michael Reeves) makes use of the landscape as an effective and active container or important character to prove how beautiful landscapes can be used to portray human attitude towards violence, bloodshed, and manipulation within horror film genre.
The opening scene (see, appendix-1) in the film Witchfinder General is symbolic of the director’s decision to make use of British landscape as a contrasting character against violence and bloodshed. For instance, the director blends the beautiful British landscape with the hanging of a lady by a group of witch hunters. The scenic beauty of British landscape, including villages, hills, and trees are beautifully portrayed in the film. The viewer may suspect that the director is trying to divert his/her attention from the violence and bloodshed in the film. In actual sense, the director is aware of the fact that landscape is important to a film with historical and cultural importance. If the film’s background is different, the viewers may not feel the presence of British culture.
The director chose an important time period within British history (Civil War era), for his film. To be specific, the British civil society underwent rapid transformation during the Civil War. During this period, armed conflicts and unexpected rebellions were usual in the society. The fight between the rebels and the supporters of the monarchy created trouble among the mass. Besides, the civil war ended by making sure that the parliament (symbolic of the people) will be an influential factor within British politics.
One can see that rural England is renowned for its scenic beauty. Within this context, Matthew Hopkins’ (say, the antagonist) unexpected arrival at the village is symbolic of the urban invasion on rural atmosphere. To be specific, the director makes use of the antagonist to prove that his arrival created trouble among the villagers and destroyed their peaceful ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Landscapes and Film Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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