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Organisational development and human resource management - Essay Example

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The paper concerns itself with the performances of Templeton Hardware in its attempt to own the biggest chain of hardware stores in Australia under the steering efforts of its CEO, a Ms. Jacquie Tudori. The company’s board has charged their CEO with the duty of implementing…
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Organisational development and human resource management
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Extract of sample "Organisational development and human resource management"

Download file to see previous pages The acquisition of other similar industries would enable them to expand their activities and reach a wider variety of customers. The developments of an organization along with the management of their human resources are vital methods in ensuring that an organization achieves its set objectives2. The organizations ability of reaching a wider market would greatly have assisted in augmenting their profitability while enabling them to carry out their activities more effectively3.
The article stipulates the main objective of Templeton Hardware as making its presence felt in the market through them becoming the retailer that leads in the provision of all al fresco items. Under the leadership of their CEO, the company goes on to acquire ownership of several companies that include the caravan manufacturers known as ‘The Great Outdoors’ and soon rename it to ‘Templeton caravans’. The company also acquires another firm that is known as the ‘Lodestone Landscapes’ at around the same period. Both businesses that are acquired by the company were formerly owned privately by certain families though the former company controlled business enterprises that had long been established. The latter was a contract operator and was established much later than the outdoors company. Lodestone landscaper, the first company to become franchised, had an additional fifty franchises that were located in New Zealand along with Australia and was also a participant in the country’s stock exchange4.
The CEO mistakenly relocated all lodestone landscaper’s offices and rebranded them with their name by calling them ‘Templeton Landscape Solutions’. The employees of the company were however offered their jobs but ended up leaving the company. The employees in the other company that had also been acquired by the CEO also quit after the acquisition was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Organisational Development and Human Resource Management Essay.
“Organisational Development and Human Resource Management Essay”, n.d.
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