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Continental and monsoon - Assignment Example

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The disparity is caused by the monsoon and continental winds. For instance, northeast China is hot and have long dry summers. Central China has hot and humid summer with heavy rainfall in late summer months…
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Continental and monsoon
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Extract of sample "Continental and monsoon"

Continental and Monsoon China has different climates that are witnessed throughout the nation. The disparity is caused by the monsoon and continental winds. For instance, northeast China is hot and have long dry summers. Central China has hot and humid summer with heavy rainfall in late summer months. Yunnan Guizhou High plateau climate is mild with cool winters that have little rainfall and warm summer. Similarly, south China, comprising of Hong Kong is a sub-tropical region with even distribution of rainfall throughout the year. It has long, hot and humid summer with cool and short winters (China Culture 2-7). The monsoon wind blowing from the neighboring and oceans are playing a significant role in determining the climatic disparities in different parts of China and other parts of the Asian continent.
Continental and monsoon are playing significant role in shaping the climate of China. They have an established relationship where one factor affects the other and intern reflects on the climate. For instance, China has an abundance of mountain barriers and the inland depression results in regional differences in terms of atmospheric circulation, solar radiation, and climate as a whole. A continental climate is associated with bigger land masses and extreme annual range of temperature that prevails in large parts of China (Wang 381). The air reaching China from Atlantic Ocean passing from Europe or Africa loses most of its moisture to the oceans hence coming out dry. These winds play a role in determining the climate of China. Their moisture content shapes the climate patterns of the areas they pass.
Although there is some monsoon wind blowing from the north, arctic wind does not have access to the region. Tropical and equatorial air masses predominate in the south of Asia with restriction by the ridges of the mountain belt that stretches from west Asia highlands, through the Himalayas to south China and south Asia Mountains (Science Clarified 4-8).
Similarly, the continental monsoon wind is playing a significant role in determining China climate through the way it blows. For instance, dry and cold winter monsoon blows from Siberia and the Mongolian plateau from September to April leading to cold and dry winters. It also results to the differences in temperature experienced in north and south of China (Raman and Sharan 1533). More so, warm and humid monsoon wind blows from the sea to east and south between April and September resulting in high temperatures and plentiful rainfall. It also leads to the little differences in temperatures of south and north of Asia. Additionally, typhoon, cyclone, cold wave as well as drizzles is because of the monsoon.
In conclusion, continental and monsoons are playing significant role in shaping the climate of China. Monsoon occurs because of the sun heating the atmosphere. In other words, it occurs from the difference in temperature between the continents and the oceans. They form in situations where large continental landmasses meet a major ocean basin. This explains why China experiences monsoon winds since it is surrounded by ocean basins. Similarly, the direction of the blow is also playing a significant role in causing climate disparities within china and kits surrounding.
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