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Most, if not all, Chinese have tasted it as it is the staple food in China. That makes it quite easy for one to make a guess, and most will be right to conclude that the…
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Grow like Rice
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Download file to see previous pages Rice thrives in strong monsoon and continental climate. In approximation, about 26.1% of China falls under the subtropical region where rice grows well. Given the strong Monsoon and continental climate China experiences, it provides the most favorable conditions for the growth of rice (Braddbrook 11).
I still remember my earlier experiences with rice. One such was a freezing winter when our small town experienced a snowstorm. Luckily the snowstorm did not stay for long as it subsided after about a week. Everything was all white with the snow providing a thick white blanket. My grandparents decided to take me out to play with the snow and snowballs, and to make a snowman in the paddy field. The sight of the lovely rice plants covered in a coat of snow filled me with awe. The sight was so perplexing to me that I found myself unable to move. Seeing the expression of wonder on my face, my grandmother walked to me and said, “This is what you eat every day. It is growing rice.” I was surprised and could not imagine any relation between those plants and the rice that I so often enjoyed. My grandmother told me that during winter, the farmers always celebrated the snow. They believed that the white snow was like an angel to the rice. I tried to patting the snow away from the plants, but she stopped me with a sweet smile and said, “Rice sleeps beneath the snow. Don’t disturb it.” Deep inside, I still wondered how such plants produced rice. Up to today, I have never understood the origin of all those beliefs. On our way home, my grandfather explained to me the whole process of how farmers harvest paddy and make rice. The whole process was quite complicated for me to understand at the time. However, I remember them saying how rice sleeps beneath snow in winter. I also have not forgotten the experiences I had and the great time I spent with my grandparents in the field.
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