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Defining Territories in different regions - Essay Example

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Apart from pre-modern urban topologies, territories normally come in a number of categories, the most common being gender, veiling and modern territories. For instance, in urban topology, the categories of territories are in form of politics, religion in addition to commercial…
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Defining Territories in different regions
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Download file to see previous pages certain types of clothes whereas others do not, for instance in most Arabian nations it is a requirement that women adorn in veils in a move to symbolize their status and religion. Finally, there are modern gulf cities such as Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait that evolved from colonial dependency into statehood (Commins, 2012). The essay will relay information on the four types of territories in addition to how they are marked and maintained.
A continent such as Europe, the culture of a single city such as trade in addition to its population is most likely to become cosmopolitan and varied. Although hopelessly outweighed in matters regarding geopolitics, networked cities are normally in a better position of achieving and retaining astonishing power hence achieving independence in terms of nominal sovereignty (Hohenberg & Lees, 2002). This is similar in the case of gulf cities, for instance Bahrain. According to Kermeliotis (2010), just like any other nation in the gulf, Bahrain has its own territories. This is because the city has a global recognition for its tolerance and openness hence becoming the most liberal society in the region. Apart from having the lowest cost of living, it also boasts of being the first nation in the gulf to allow education for both boys and girls.
The veiling territory is when a city comes up with measures on how its citizens ought to appear in public. Whereas some nations embrace veiling territories, others such as France and the US do not have it; instead, their dress code is normally termed secularism or westernization. Conversely, gender territories involve both male and female in which they ought to receive equal recognition. This is normally achievable through abolition of certain norms such as the urban planning that has gender dimensions whereby whereas men travel distance locations in search of employment while women are to stay at home and take care of the home and children (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2007).
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