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More often, gangs declare ownership of large territorial regions; however, the gang members concentrate their actual activities in…
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Download file to see previous pages The Crips was formed back in the late nineteen sixties, and it later became the most dangerous African American street organization in Los Angeles. The group was formed with the aim of representing black power, black pride, and was to address various injustices perpetrated on black people during that time. When it started, the Crips was known as “Baby Avenues” and Stanley Tookie Williams and Raymond Washington from South Central, Los Angeles high school, are believed to be the founders. They initially called their gang “cribs”, and it then evolved into the most popular gang the “Crips.” According to its creators, the gang was created as a way of defending its members against various rival gangs that were involved in innumerable wrong doings in the southern Central neighborhoods. The Crips’ activities have their origin on high school campuses in every part of Los Angeles. The Eastside Crips originated from Freemont High School while the opposite side of the 110Harbor Freeway was home for Westside Crips (Covey 48). Another group was established in Compton.
The Bloods is a gang that was established in Compton, Piru Street (Street Gangs 1). The founders of the bloods are Vincent Owens and Sylvester Scott. Initially, the gang was referred to as Campton Pirus, and as time went by, the gang grew rapidly. Its growth was triggered by the disputes the Compton Pirus had with Compton Crips. During these disputes, the Pirus was brutally beaten and outnumbered. The Crips also treated other gangs badly and, for this reason, countless gangs decided to team up against the Crips. This is how the Bloods came to be. Today, the Bloods are known for their unforgiving attitude and take no prisoners mindset (covey 48)
Since the 20th century, these two gangs have made Los Angeles to be ranked among the cities with the highest cases of crimes. The crime rate and crack use in south central became very high to a point that the area ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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