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Looking at the world from today's perspective, what do you consider to be the TWO biggest problems (political, economic, socia - Essay Example

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Professor Date The two biggest problems in the world today; Religious Conflicts and Globalization The world today experiences myriad of challenges in the quest for societal development. The idea of natural coexistence is long forgotten, and a lot of things threaten survival of people in the world today…
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Looking at the world from todays perspective, what do you consider to be the TWO biggest problems (political, economic, socia
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"Looking at the world from today's perspective, what do you consider to be the TWO biggest problems (political, economic, socia"

Download file to see previous pages These changes mostly influence individual lives and relation with each other. The two primary problems in the world today are religious conflicts and globalization. The survival of the world remains at stake if Christians and Muslims cannot make peace (Sisk 21). Difference in religious values surely threatens survival of people in the world today. Moreover, where religious values clash with political ideologies, bloodshed can arise. This makes religious conflict a global problem today. Globalization, on the other hand, involves interconnection of countries’ political, religious, economic and social policies in a global setting. It requires that no country operates on its own, and ensures sharing of ideologies in an international framework. This is detrimental to political and individual’s survival since it erodes political and social cultures plus providing no security on territories. This paper analyzes these two problems; globalization and religious conflicts, explaining why they are global problems. Moreover, the paper describes historical roots of these problems, and how they impact the world people live in today. The discussion appears below. To begin with, religious conflict is a significant problem in the world today. ...
In a recent letter by Islamic scholars to the Pope, they state that the world cannot be at peace if Muslims and Christian are not at peace. For this reason, these scholars state similarities in the two religions by quoting the Bible and Quran, identifying instances which require love of one’s neighbor and the need to worship one God in both cases. This transcends the need for conflict between these two religions, describing peace as a primary requirement for coexistence. The historical roots of this problem dates back to many years back. The idea of conflicting religious values happens to be a significant problem in the world today. Biblical history identifies differences in these issues from a long time. The Islam and Christians religious differences have their roots in early times. The conflict between Judaism and Islam involves religious groups and dates back to more than 3000 years. This conflict exists in the Christian and Jewish Old testament and other records. History says that the conflict between these two groups has its roots from the religious differences between Judaism and Islam. The Arab-Israel war also dates back to such times. The idea behind this war is differences in ideologies between Israel and Arab countries on religious issues. The weaponry nature of these countries facilitates the war, and leads to loss of much lives. Though appearing to be a political war, this war has its causes on differences in religious values between the two countries. However, the idea of worship is synonymous in both cases, which makes the situation complex (Chirico 61). Arab countries advocate for justice, and believe that death sentences for atonement of sins ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Looking at the World from today'S Perspective, What Do You Consider to Essay.
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