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Migrant workers to Saudi Arabia - Essay Example

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Most of these countries are developing countries. Saudi Arabia provides enormous opportunities of employment for these people.
A significant population of migrant workers in Saudi…
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Migrant workers to Saudi Arabia
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Extract of sample "Migrant workers to Saudi Arabia"

Migrant Workers to Saudi Arabia: Outline This paper discusses the following aspects about migrant workers to Saudi Arabia: Nationalities Migrant workers to Saudi Arabia are mostly from South Asian countries including India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.
Most migrant workers to Saudi Arabia are Muslims.
Migrant workers to Saudi Arabia generally come from conservative cultures, so they find it easy to adjust in the conservative culture of Saudi Arabia.
Most migrant workers to Saudi Arabia come from countries with low economic development and power. Most of these countries are developing countries. Saudi Arabia provides enormous opportunities of employment for these people.
Unemployment citizens
A significant population of migrant workers in Saudi Arabia comprises those who suffer from unemployment in their own countries. These people are willing to work at cheaper rates than what local people would charge employers in Saudi Arabia.
Owing to the strict law enforcement policies in Saudi Arabia, the crime rate is very low. Accordingly, migrant workers to Saudi Arabia generally abstain from all sorts of drugs. However, cigarette smoking is a common practice among low-class workers like construction tradesmen.
Crime rate in Saudi Arabia is very low. The legal framework of Saudi Arabia is, to a significant extent, based on the orthodox Islamic principles, which are too strict and effective for the crime rate to rise. Accordingly, migrant workers to Saudi Arabia tend to abide by the laws.
This paper provided a deep insight into different aspects and characteristics of the migrant workers to Saudi Arabia. Read More
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Migrant Workers to Saudi Arabia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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