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Under the background of globalization, the impact of financial policy on urbanization process - Essay Example

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The main purpose of this research to study urbanisation and the effect that the financial policy has on the overall urbanisation so that it can be seen what the impact of the financial policy has on urbanisation since financial policy is the main aspect that encourages the…
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Under the background of globalization, the impact of financial policy on urbanization process
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Extract of sample "Under the background of globalization, the impact of financial policy on urbanization process"

Download file to see previous pages ination of how much interest rates can be charged, and the budget that the government operates with as well as the labour market, the national ownership and more other sectors that the government provides intervention in the economy of that particular company. These policies are normally subjective of international institutions such as the International Monetary Fund or The World bank and also the political beliefs that are harboured as well as the policies that the parties that are affected have.
Globalisation has many scopes and it brings out different meanings to different people who are In different academic disciplines where others look at it as economic capitalism while there is a group that perceives it as a way of coming up with a culture that has high breed characteristics. Generally, globalisation can be seen as the increase in the amount of interconnectedness that exists in the world and is escalated by the blitz of market capitalism that has taken place all over the world and the improvements in electronic communication and the technologies that are related to transport. The forms of urbanisation that exist in the post-globalisation era exhibit an increased growth and concentration of population in the cities that are larger and urban economic growth has progressively contributed by services sectors, deteriorating share of industrial sector and greater labour output. Largely, the growth consequences of these relative analyses suggest a need for going on with economic globalisation and for a national methodology for the improvement of large cities (Narayana, 2010, p. 91-116).
Agglomerations in the services which is normally measured by the specialisation index of the region multiplied by the size in the financial intermediation has normally been seen as having a positive impact on the growth and this kind of results can have implications that are particular for urban regions since financial intermediation mainly exists in the areas that are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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