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Various factors that have influence in their business process - Essay Example

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The researcher of this project will make an earnest attempt to provide a competitive view of ASDA and TESCO. This report also has been written in an attempt to highlight the various factors that have a significant influence in the business process of both the organization…
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Various factors that have influence in their business process
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that the world of the 21st century exists in a highly competitive global environment, which is powered by tremendous growth and fast development. The emergence of the internet in the last couple of years along with the fact of the rapid development of various kinds of technological gadgets has resulted in the process of faster and better connectivity in the markets around the world. The author has rightly presented that the global connectivity has increasingly helped in connecting the markets around the world, and has successfully converted the globe into a single and well-connected entity. The present research has identified that it is of high importance to mention that the better levels of technology-powered connectivity are resulting in the successful diffusion of various global trends, which emerges from various markets around the world. Because of faster dispersion of the globalized trends, it can be said that the consumers are getting more and more aware of their needs and wants. The paper tells that it also has to be said that the better connectivity is helping the rapid dispersion of global trends from the well-established markets to the emerging markets, thereby creating the opportunity for development of consumer demands. This entire cycle of having an increase in consumer demand is having a direct impact on the part of the consumers in a circular manner....
The evolution and advancements in the field of communication technology has already played a major role in regards to the diffusion of various kinds of global trends to various developing and newly emerging markets. Because of this spill over effect of the trends of globalization, it can be said that the consumers of both the developed and developing regions and markets have started to become more and more demanding in nature. The emergence of new consumer demands is resulting in the process of evolution of new kinds of business opportunities. Discussing in connection to this, it can be said that various business organizations and entities are evolving from various corners of the world for the purpose of emergence of new market based opportunities. This is paving the way for the thriving and survival of a widely diversified nature of business organizations. Talking on these lines, it can be said that various kinds of business organizations exists in today’s business environment of highly competitive and dynamic nature. The organizations may be multinational, international, transnational or global in nature. Talking in more elaborate manner, about the various kinds of organizations, it can be said that multinational business organizations are organizations, whose various divisions and business processes are spread across multiple countries around the world. Experts of the business domain reveal that a key factor of conducting a multinational business is the fact that organization works along with its various subsidiaries on the basis of certain degrees of decentralization. Talking in specific terms, it can be said that the decision making power of the subsidiaries located in various nations and countries around the world are comparatively high. In ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "Various factors that have influence in their business process" is quite popular among the assignments in university. Still, this paper opens a brand new perspective of seeing the problem. I’ll use the idea for my own text.

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