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A study of factors which influence student's career choice after graduating from a master's degree - Dissertation Example

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A Study of Factors Which Influence Student’s Career Choice after Graduating from a Master’s Degree Executive Summary The paper intends to critically analyse the various factors that tend to influence the career choices of graduates. With an in-depth understanding the study further concentrates on the identification of the most significant factors that creates a strong impact on the career oriented decisions of the graduates…
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A study of factors which influence students career choice after graduating from a masters degree
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"A study of factors which influence student's career choice after graduating from a master's degree"

Download file to see previous pages ethnicity and gender (H1), monetary benefits (H2), personal interests (H3), and family influences (H4). The findings of the research depicts that these attributes positively relate to the career choices of graduates, but the impact created by the factors differ in terms of significance. That is, ethnicity and gender along with the family influences tend to be insignificant in influencing the career choices of the graduates directly or strongly. On the other hand, monetary benefits and personal interests are termed to be quite significant in influencing the career choices of graduates. ...
4 Scope of the Research 55 References 56 Bibliography 62 Chapter 1: Introduction 1.1 Background The study is based on the identification of factors which tend to influence the career choices of graduates in determining their future objectives. Several studies have been conducted based on a similar issue. The evidences reveal various kinds of factors that strongly influences the career objectives determined by graduate students. The factors are identified to relate to the socio-demographic and socio-economic factors. The career objectives have also been recognised to be influenced by the cultural prospects which relates to the ethnicity of the students (Perrone & Et. Al., 2001). For instance, a student belonging to the African-American ethnic background is likely to posses differing perception with that of an Asian-American which in turn influences his/her career objectives. The determination of the career goals can also be influenced by the sexual characteristics of a student. Other than these factors, the monetary issues and the parental influences are also noted to be significant factors that influence the career objectives of graduate students (Wong & Liu, 2009). Based on these evidences and the problem statement that career objectives determined by graduate students depend upon various attributes, the discussion of the paper will be intended to analyse and evaluate these factors. The paper will further intend to recognise the most crucial factors and conclude on the career management aspect of human resource management. 1.2 Research Objectives With due consideration to the findings of the early researches, it is quite apparent that the influencing factors of career objectives among the graduates relate to various attributes. The studies further reveal that the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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