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This paper seeks to outline the career plan for the next 10 years after graduation from Northumbria University. The paper starts by highlighting the meaning of the term career in order to gain a clear understanding of the whole concept. The main part of the paper will explore some of the factors that characterise the market place of the intended career…
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Career Plan After Graduation From Northumbria University
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Download file to see previous pages I am currently a second year student at Northumbria University and am studying for a degree in Business with Human Resource Management. I am aiming at setting up my own business with the help of my family in the next ten years after graduating from this particular university. I made a decision with my family that I must first study for a tertiary qualification abroad so that I can gain knowledge as well as experience in running and operating a small business given that each family member going to be part of the business venture has decided to study about a particular subject connected to it. Some of the family members are studying about accounting and finance but I have decided to pursue my studies in human resources management so that I can become a Human Resources Manager in the future when we open our family business venture in Saudi Arabia.
After completing my BA degree in Human Resources Management, I am planning to study for my Masters degree in the same career which will be approximately one year and after that I intend to go back to my home country where I can work as an HR manager in a government controlled organisation called the Saudi British Bank in order to gain more experience through converting theoretical knowledge I will gain from my studies into practice. This will help me to build our own family business since I will have a wealth of knowledge in this particular field which I have long dreamed of. It is my strong conviction that the experience and knowledge I will gain within the next ten years will be very important in establishing a strong business venture which can also be a source of employment to other people given that the problem of unemployment is also noticeable in my own country. Essentials of career development According to the World Book Encyclopedia (2008), a career is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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