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Employability after Graduation - Essay Example

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 This essay "Employability after Graduation" focuses on much of the employability is becoming dependant on the employer and availability of jobs rather than a graduate’s qualification. How a graduate positions himself for the competition is, therefore, the most important issue. …
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Employability after Graduation
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Download file to see previous pages How my plans fit with the comments within the context of the current labor market In making career plans for employability, it is important to consider the context of current labor market trends. Some of these trends have well being discussed by Brown et al (2002) in their article. In the first place, my theme of focusing on labour demanding-but-supply inadequate career choice is certainly in the right direction as Brown et al (2002) posit that graduates employability much rests with “whether they find employment will depend on whether there are other more qualified or experienced people looking for the same kinds of work”. Demand and supply of labor market have been an issue for a very long time and it is an open secret that some career courses studied at the university open learners to more readily available jobs than others. In a career with ready-made job openings, it is common to see employers and entrepreneurs at graduation ceremonies only to chase after graduates. In simple terms, some courses studied at the university makes graduates more employable than others if we want to believe in how Brown et al (2002) put the definition of employability saying employability has to do with “relative chances of finding and maintaining different kinds of employment”. To this effect, my decision to study to be a web designer was in the right direction. This is because the influence and power of the internet are gaining so much grounds in the business world today that almost every company is looking for a way to go electronic via the internet. This has called for the mad rush of web designers. Supporting this notion, the Business.Com states that “all companies need web design”, which means that there are usually more jobs than graduates. In the second place, my plan of being a measure of standard among colleagues with the same qualification is in line with the relative dimension as discussed by Brown et al (2002) in their article. According to Brown et al (2002), “Employability not only depends on fulfilling the requirements of a specific job but also on how one stands relative to others within a hierarchy of job seekers.” This means that a student or graduate with a meaningful sense of securing employment or becoming employable must have a plan or orientation that sets him above other contenders in the search for a job. As Hirsch (1977) suggests, ‘If everyone stands on tiptoe, no one sees better’ (p.5). This means that as much as others are standing on tip-toe, there should be an effort to stand taller than all the others. There is a common saying that if all people are sitting, strive to stand and if all people are standing, strive to stand out; but if all people are standing out, try to be the standard.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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