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The latest trend of recruiting recent graduates from the campus by top-notch organisations worldwide indicates their preference for the fresh graduates but reading from the experiences of job seekers, it comes to the notice prominently that they feel very disheartened for not getting selected to their dream jobs just because they do not have necessary experience of the work…
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Experience Vs. Qualification
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Download file to see previous pages This misconception is not correct that experience matters more than qualification. Qualified graduates need not dishearten in the absence of experience. Accredited qualification helps in offering plenty of job opportunities; it is true for all streams of study, for example taking the stream of Town Planning in which every year 2000 students get graduated from universities with an RTPI-accredited planning degree (Parkes, 2011).
Graduates stand more chances of selection by using various recruitment channels rather than depending solely on traditional methods. Students can no more depend on campus recruitment alone. Lack of experience should not discourage graduates. Some of the suggestions for getting jobs are graduation include:
1. Networking these days has become critical for getting recruited, as only one in five jobs are advertised. In the planning job scenario, the young planners’ network group which held even a speed networking event in Birmingham, could be the best platform for meeting the like-minded audience, prospective employers and create links that help in off-campus recruitment.
2. Graduate students need to maintain high level of awareness on current affairs and possess an insight of the policy decisions related to their subject taken by the government at various levels. It can provide an edge over others in the recruitment process. 3. Due to lack of experience, getting a job becomes additionally arduous task. Ideal way is to offer help to prove your calibre; it can realise in bigger gains. Initially, an employer could be unwilling to offer a permanent job but afterwards may find the services offered by the graduate indispensable to the organisation and could materialise in job offering; it has happened in many cases. 4. Lookout for the organisation that could offer you your dream job. Locate the person doing that dream job, and request their time to guide you on getting where they are today. Such people can offer better advice as they had been in similar position where a graduate finds himself. Chances of getting that dream job could brighten if your dream job is advertised and that guide recalls you to offer that opportunity. 5. Widen your knowledge circumference and work experience to be called for the waiting opportunity amid economic downturn and job competition. Your passion for the job to the prospective employers should be clearly visible while you are still amidst your study. Offer yourself to be a volunteer to charities and community organisations to lead their projects. The RTPl website can provide required assistance pertaining to recruitment agencies and guidance from those who have overseas experience, which can be worked out for getting a competitive edge (Parkes, 2011). Explanation of the Terms Qualification Before arguing in favour of qualification standing better prospects of job selection, a definition of qualification can help in comprehending how a qualifications framework in a given qualifications system can help graduates in selection. Werquin ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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