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Stateless Nation - Essay Example

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Nationality refers to a legal bond between individuals and a country or a state, and a stateless nation refers to instances where groups of people do not have any association with a sovereign nation. These people once had a clearly defined history and hope to have a bright…
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Stateless Nation
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Prof: A less Nation Nationality refers to a legal bond between individuals and a country or a and a less nation refers to instances where groups of people do not have any association with a sovereign nation. These people once had a clearly defined history and hope to have a bright future, but their current situation is vaguely understood. Statelessness occurs due to various reasons such as discrimination of a particular group of people, interstate conflicts, and failure to include all groups of people in the nation during independence (Friend 3).
The topic for this research will be, “The past, present, and future prospects of the Kurds and Kurdistan.” The Kurds have lived in the hilly regions of Turkey and Iran for more than two thousand years. However, this typical group of people with an Indo-European background has never secured a home or national status (West 1). The Kurds, in the 1990s, the Turkish state evicted the Kurds. This stood as a resettlement rather than just an eviction, and the Kurds had to move out of their urban and rural entities that they initially had (Jongerden 4).
The following disciplines will assist in researching about the Kurds on this topic: politics, historical, and behavioral. The Kurds have a rich history and this study will highlight their past struggles and illuminate reasons behind their statelessness. Many nations are also involved in the statelessness of Kurdistan. Researching on this aspect will elucidate the political factors intertwined with the Kurdistan (West). Finally, looking into the behavioral aspects of the Kurdistan will present the life these peoples life and impact of their statelessness on their information seeking behavior (Meho and Haas).
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