Stateless Nations and a Minority Ethnic Sets of People - Essay Example

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The reporter states that according to UNHCR Stateless nations refer to minority ethnic sets of people in any nation-state who are entitled to their own state.  In regards to this it articulates irredentism, In that, the individuals are stateless because they lack complete legal nationality to the state…
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Stateless Nations and a Minority Ethnic Sets of People
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Download file to see previous pages Besides, the groups can be dispersed across different of states for instance, the Kurdish community in Iran, Iraq. Syria, Armenia and Turkey. In addition, the Romani community can are also a special case of stateless nation because distributed in various countries but have no clear homeland since they are nomads. In some instances, stateless nations can include people who are fighting for independence from a larger state. Often, the supporters of secession perceive the nation-state as an Empire which exercises Imperialism. Therefore, the groups oppose the principle of a multi-ethnic state and advocate for sovereignty of ethnic groups. Examples of such nations are Scotland, Hawaii, Chiapas, Tibet and Chechnya. However, the most stateless nations are Kurds found in Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Basques in France and Spain.
Stateless nations differ from nation states in several ways. They lack territory, Sovereignty, diplomatic recognition and clear population size. Therefore, the work highlights characteristics of stateless nations in reference to the Kurdish culture. First, members of Stateless nations possess different religious views and practice with the nation-state. This is evident among the Kurds because, despite their shared Islam faith, the Kurds are culturally and ethnically dissimilar from their Iranian, Iraqi and Turkish neighbors. Most Kurds live small farming villages in the countryside. They are primarily Sunni Muslim, with about 75% of Kurds following the sect. Though, people in southern regions of Iranian province and Kurdistan are typically Shiite. However, the conflict between Shiite and Sunni is never prevalent.
Secondly, the members of stateless nations speak different languages. For instance, the Kurdish language is linked to Persian, though local vernaculars greatly differ to the extent that an individual Kurdish descent may not comprehend his counterpart from a different region. Some parts of Kurdistan use the Latin, Arabi and Cyrillic alphabet to write in Kurdish, this further confuses communication.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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