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Land Use - Article Example

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Recreational land use planning and management are affected by many policies that affect the land use, for example, recreational trails are managed under the multiple-use paradigm (Multiple-Use Sustained Yield Act) and the National Forest Management Act (NFMA; 16 U.S.C. §§…
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Land Use
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Extract of sample "Land Use"

Recreational land use planning and management are affected by many policies that affect the land use, for example, recreational trails are managed under the multiple-use paradigm (Multiple-Use Sustained Yield Act) and the National Forest Management Act (NFMA; 16 U.S.C. §§ 528–31, 1600–14). The act requires all land users accommodated on National Forests while maintaining the overall integrity of forest ecosystems and associated human benefits.
It is also affected by historical and current events such as, USFS developed a system for land managers to balance competing recreational needs of distressed groups to share limited public lands called the Recreational Opportunity Spectrum (ROS, Clark and Stankey 1979). Central principles to the implementation of the ROS include the use of the human experience of recreation and influences from recreation on people and environment in rational and spatially- explicit planning of activities. However, historically, understanding and acceptance of the ROS by field staff determines its actual application (Stankey and others 1986). Currently Tahoe National Forest uses language of ROS during the planning of the optimization model, and framing the citizens’ analyses of recreational experiences and impacts to cover the spectrum of activities in a spatially explicit system.
Other changes that affect the land use over time due to events and/or policies include Travel Management Rule regulated environmental effects (TMR) of 2005 (36 CFR 212.55) regulated environmental effects of public land use. In most U.S. National Forest, off trail or “cross-country” was permitted in anywhere in a forest that did not explicitly prohibit the use of motor vehicles. It required the USFS land managers to designate an official motorized recreation system in every National Forest. Query trail users in the TNF were questioned during a survey about their route system preferences, experiences, and feedback about overall recreational route management. The questions focused on the six main types of activities they managed in: Four-wheel drive passenger vehicle (henceforth‘‘4WD’’), four-wheel motorcycle (henceforth ‘‘quad’’), two wheel motorcycle (henceforth ‘‘motorcycle’’), bicycling (primarily mountain biking), hiking, and horseback riding. Almost half of hikers and almost two-thirds of horseback riders were opposed to multiple uses of the routing system by motorized and non-motorized recreation. In contrast, extremely few motorized recreationists opposed multiple-uses of the routing system. The aim of collaborative planning among stakeholders is to find optimal solutions for recreational system management.
The stress of the trail system adjacent to this planning project concurs with the number of today’s OHV users who depend on these trails. Motorcycle riding and ATV in the Tahoe National Forest is done in a few small riding areas, and particularly (Forest Hill), which receives heavy use. For any future expansion or addition of new staging areas to be decided on, the demands of the public trail users must be met to reduce unnecessary conflicts. Therefore, I urge the OHMVR division to spend the citizens’ OHV tax dollars on trails since what they need is additional trail opportunities.
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Assah ST, Bengston AN, Wendt K, DeVancy L. Prognostic Framing of Stakeholders’ Subjectivities: A Case of All-terrain Vehicle Management on State Public Lands. Environmental Management 49: 192-206.2012. Print. Read More
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Land Use Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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