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Lake Monroe: The Cutright State Recreation Area - Essay Example

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This assignment overviews the situation around the lake Monroe which is located in Central Indiana, approximately 10 miles south and east of Bloomington, Indiana. The paper describes the areas surrounding the lake, facilities, and services and the impact of human interference…
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Lake Monroe: The Cutright State Recreation Area
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Download file to see previous pages The essay "Lake Monroe: The Cutright State Recreation Area" talks about the environmental situation around the lake Monroe and the impact of human interference on these terrains.
The lake lies between woodlands and hilly terrain of Indiana State. The lake can be accessed through State Roads 37, 46, 446, and 50 using local roads. The special features of the lake area include Allen’s Creek, Cutright, Moore's Creek, Paynetown, Salt Creek, and Fairfax State Recreation Areas. The area that I visited was the Cutright State Reaction Area, which is an exemplary recreational area with wide range of wild animals. The biodiversity of the Cutright State Reaction Area remains one of the most exciting sceneries in the state of Indiana making it rank among top tour and recreational areas in the region.
The Indiana Department of Natural Resources and the Army Corps of Engineers are the bodies in charge of Indiana state parks including, the Cutright State Reaction Area. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) ensures that visitors preserve the primitive status of the reaction area through a set of rules. Most of the areas surrounding lake Monroe, Indiana, covering 10, 750 acres, are forested with minimal chances of park visitors seeing any human disturbance. The only notable disturbance in the area is developed recreational areas along the shore of the lake. The terrain is rugged with steep slopes with the densely forested surrounding, which is predominantly filled with hardwood....
At the Cutright State Recreation Area, there exists Boat ramp where visitors can launch public boats publicly. There is also parking area for visitors. The Cutright State Recreation Area also offers excellent picnicking areas and bird watching. There are excellent viewpoints from where one can find and watch numerous migrating species of birds including vireos, thrushes as well as warblers. Lake Monroe Marina, located at the Cutright State Recreation Area, offers the most competitive boat rental in the entire state of Indiana. In order to locate Lake Monroe Marina, one can drive from Bloomington turning South off of E Hwy 46 onto E St Rd 446 and proceed 8.1 miles until he or she crosses the Lake (water on both sides) then turn left into Cutright SRA.  After getting safely to the CSRA, follow the road past boat ramp until end keeping to right and you are finally there. Precisely, the facility is on the east side of the causeway, just a few minutes from Paynetown. Lake Monroe Marina at Cutright State Recreation Area closed boat rentals for the winter up to February 17, 2014 and visitors can book for the boats after the expiry of the closure date in 2014. Irrespective of whether one plans to stay all season long or just to enjoy the weekend, the CSRA offers exceptional sites, distinct restrooms and one of the most beautiful campsites with amazing view of nature packed with different kinds of migrating bird species. Goals and Mission The Division of State Parks and Reservoirs of Indiana safeguard and sustain the integrity of natural resources for the benefit of current and future generations (Indiana Department of Natural Resources). Lake Monroe is a source of drinking water and also provides recreational ground. The lake ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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