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Urban - Essay Example

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According to my point of view, an urban area is characterized by dense human settlements and infrastructure they include cities, towns, and shopping centers and to some extent village settlements. On the other hand, cities are a picture of sophistication modernization and…
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Extract of sample "Urban"

According to my point of view, an urban area is characterized by dense human settlements and infrastructure they include cities, towns, and shopping centers and to some extent village settlements. On the other hand, cities are a picture of sophistication modernization and urbanity ideally. Indeed, unsophisticated people are referred to as provincial, meaning, not from the cities, while urban means sophistication.
Furthermore, cities are melting points of culture, and many of them are cosmopolitan areas with a populace consisting of cross-cultural groups living together, this is especially in large cities such as New York. Many cities are founded based on industrialization and/or trade since with many industries there for labor arises, leading to people migrating to towns; these people will require housing education and medical services. This leads to centralization of services this bringing them close to employees, and their families. This spawns a range of business to service the needs of the inhabitants, because of the industries, there is also the demand for non-skilled labor, and the workers are often not well educated and poorly paid. As a result, they cannot afford the expensive housing and end up living in informal settlements or slums and shantytowns especially in third world countries.
However, urban areas are centers of administrative government with their central location allowing them to be accessed by people from anywhere. They are also centers of entertainment with many fun spots such as discos, casinos and nightclubs being located in urban area. However, cities also create a breeding ground for a plethora of crimes mostly because of competition for limited resources these include; muggings and robbery, and self-destructive activities such as drug use and other unhealthy recreational activities as people try to escape their problems in a place far away from their homes. Read More
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The urban fabric is constructed with very many different parts like the building design, services, utilities, streets, parks, drainage ways, natural areas and parking lots. The good urban design promotes how buildings are scaled and oriented towards the street. Walkways are landscaped to buffer between pedestrians and vehicular circulation.
Urban design can be defined as the discipline through which planning and architecture can create and renew a sense of local pride and identity. Urban design is concerned with the arrangement, functionality, and appearance of towns, with a particular interest in the shape and use of urban public space according to Mcgill (2010). Traditionally it has been regarded as a subset of urban planni...
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... and taxis that serve as the key Public Service Vehicles in the region. The monitoring project seeks to analyse the effectiveness of the Congestion Charge project in the following areas: 1. The impact of the programme on environmental pollution. 2. The impact of the Congestion charge on the adaptation of public transport. 3. Traffic patterns in the London metropolis since the program’s implementation. 4. The efficiency of the road system in the distribution of goods and services. 5. The effect of the Congestion Charge on the number of passengers using the Underground railway system. 6. The social effects of the program. Urban sprawl has significantly stretched the use of private cars. Many residents are moving to the cities...
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Potential of Urban Green Spaces to Improve Quality of Life in Cities

...nomic groups show to the public. As a function of this particular understanding, the given study will analyze parks and green spaces based upon their impact; in terms of quality of life and psychological influcnce imposed on the surrounding community members. The first, and, probably, the most important thing is that many scholars have illustrated the fact that parks and green spaces are essential as they help foster a further level of community engagement (Mullins-Cohen, 2014). Meanwhile, shopping centers, cultural activities, and even sporting events of various types encourage a certain degree of community interaction. Parks and green spaces have often been referred to by scholars and analysts as the great equalizers. “Urban green...
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Urban Planning

... the actors, and developing a plan based on this interest. Conclusion: In conclusion, the planning process is a collaborative process, that all the stakeholders must be involved. Failure to involve these stakeholders would mean that the plan developed would not carter for their interests. It would therefore be difficult to implement this plan. Various theoretical frameworks identify the best method of the plan making process. Theories such as the blue print model and the synoptic model do not encourage a large participation of the public in the planning process. On the other hand, the bargaining model, and thee communication model encourages this participation. References: Cavin, A. (2003). Urban planning. New York: H.W. Wilson...
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Impact of Urban Sprawl to the Environment

..., this concept has significant implications on the environment. Through urban sprawls, the number of commercial and transport vehicles have skyrocketed, increasing the level of greenhouse gas emission. Waste from residential and commercial facilities has also increased the pressure on the ecosystem to recycle them, thus affecting the natural stability of the environment. Migration and urban sprawl is not a challenge of the 21st century, as it has existed over the years, affecting major towns and cities in developed nations. Most cities and their suburbs have continued to feel the pressure of an increase in population and the number of personal and commercial vehicles. Overcrowding and pollution is a common situation in most cities today...
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