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Urbanization Problem in India and Ways of Solving It - Term Paper Example

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This paper is a discussion on the problem of urbanization in India and how the problem can be solved. This problem comes from the fact that the benefits brought about by urbanization are not fairly distributed over geographical space and across the various sections of the population…
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Urbanization Problem in India and Ways of Solving It
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Extract of sample "Urbanization Problem in India and Ways of Solving It"

Download file to see previous pages While the problem is not that serious in developed nations, it is quite serious in developing nations. This is because the twenty-first century has been marked by rapid urbanization in developing nations such as India, which is the country of study in this paper and around the world. Jana and Majumder define urbanization as “the physical growth of urban areas from rural areas as a result of population immigration to an existing urban area” (2010, p. 134). In India, the rise of urbanization has been rapid. Singh points out that in India, “in 1951, the urban population was 65.28 million, which increased to 217.18 million, spread over 3768 urban agglomerations/towns in 1991” (1996, p. 161). In 1996, India had the fourth-largest urban population worldwide, which was estimated to reach one billion by the end of the twentieth century (Singh, 1996).

Before the beginning of the twenty-first century, urbanization was predicted to be one of the most powerful demographic trends of the century. This is evident from the fact that in the overall world population growth between the years 2000 and 2030, most of it is expected to be concentrated in urban areas (Parveen 2005). In this scenario, developing and less developed nations are predicted to be more vulnerable to the rise of urbanization compared to developed nations. According to Parveen, “the United Nations estimates that India’s urban population will reach 600 million or 45 percent of the total population by the year 2025” (2005, p. 9). 

The scenario in India is one denoted by primary cities and primary regions of urbanization that are “developing with haphazard urban growth and resultant urban decay and decline” (Parveen 2005, p. 9). This is the main reason why cities in India are characterized by overcrowding which spells poverty. In India, urbanization is related to a number of factors with the first two being rapid industrialization in urban areas and lack of employment opportunities in the nation's agricultural sector. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Urbanization Problem in India and Ways of Solving It Term Paper.
(Urbanization Problem in India and Ways of Solving It Term Paper)
Urbanization Problem in India and Ways of Solving It Term Paper.
“Urbanization Problem in India and Ways of Solving It Term Paper”.
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