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Caves: Formation, Types and Its Importance - Essay Example

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In the essay “Caves: Formation, Types and Its Importance” the author answers describes how caves are formed and what are the elements and natural occurrences that have contributed to its formation. He identifies types of caves, how they are formed and their major characteristics…
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Caves: Formation, Types and Its Importance
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Extract of sample "Caves: Formation, Types and Its Importance"

Tell the class some interesting facts on caves like the Russell Cave in Alabama, the USA which yielded a sequence of human habitation dating back almost 9,000 years (“Cave,” 1995) and used to be a place for cannibalism and religious activities.
1. There will be a flashcard posted on the board containing 2 – 3 types of caves discussed (i.e. primary cave, fracture cave, glacier cave). Each student will be given a flashcard containing a word, term or an adjective that relates to the types of caves posted on the board.
2. As per instruction, each student should post his or her own flashcard to its corresponding cave in the board (i.e. a student was given a flashcard containing the word “LIMESTONE” and this should be posted under SOLUTIONAL CAVE. The entire class must accomplish the task in 2 minutes.
3. If there are incongruent terms or there is/are a mismatch, the teacher will perform a draw lots and will pick 3 names to rearrange or organize the terms/description of his assigned cave type. Each has its assigned cave
2. As an instruction, they have to illustrate how we, humans could help to preserve cave structure and its ecosystem, either by drawing or by creating a collage (students must be informed ahead of time that they must bring used magazines, newspapers, scratch papers). Each group must have 2 representatives to briefly summarize and discuss. Read More
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