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SLP 4 - Types of Variables - Research Paper Example

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SLP 4- Types of variable A research process involves a design that is implemented towards methods for collecting data, collection of data, and a final data analysis. This paper explores aspects of the research process. The paper discusses components of the adopted design, type of design, reasons for choosing the design, and the type of bias that the design is vulnerable to, with respect to my developed research questions…
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SLP 4 - Types of Variables
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Extract of sample "SLP 4 - Types of Variables"

Download file to see previous pages The first component is the choice of variable that defines the type of information that is to be collected in a research design. It identifies the quantity to be measured in a research initiative and the nature of data to be collected, whether qualitative or quantitative, and the level of measurement at which the chosen variables will be measurable. The selected variables for the design are presence of anti-inflammatory agents and occurrence of obesity based type 2 ediabetes. Another component of a research design is the adopted approach to the research process. This component defines how data is to be collected in a research process and the design will apply observations from experimental results. Another component of a research design is determination of data collection tools to be applied in the research process. This component is particularly important because there are many data collection approaches that are applicable to different scopes as well as different types of data. The design applies survey forms for data collection (Ctu, n.d.). Sampling is another component that defines a research design. ...
This is because of the scope of its components that corresponds to components of experimental design. The major differentiating feature of an experimental design is the ability of a researcher, or any other factor, to determine the value of the independent variable. This allows for observations at different levels of the independent variable as is determined in the research process. In the research, the anti-inflammatory agents are controllable from two perspective, they may either be present or absent, or they may exist in a determined combination that may be induced by the researcher through a different ways such as exercising or chemical intake. The ability to control anti-inflammatory agents therefore defines the research design to be experimental (Gerish and Lacey, 2010). Reasons for choosing the design The experimental design is selected because of the nature of the research variables that allows for an experimental design and the advantages that are associated with experimental design. One of the advantages of experimental design in answering the research question is its randomization property. Randomization has the advantage of eliminating bias towards validity of experimental results and conclusions. Another advantage of an experimental design, that also accounts for its selection in the research design is its ability control independent variables and the impacts of such control. A controlled procedure for example strongly establishes a cause and effect relationship that is very important in most research questions. Controlling a research process also allows for identification and control of possible existence of confounds in a research process for corrective measures towards validity. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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