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How does place relate to cultural performance - Essay Example

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HOW DOES PLACE RELATE TO CULTURAL PERFORMANCE? Date Introduction There is a correlation between a given place and the behavior exhibited by the inhabitants. The current social phenomena in a particular place will determine their behavior. The main assumption though is that the biological and personality factors have no role in controlling how people behave in particular environment…
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How does place relate to cultural performance
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Extract of sample "How does place relate to cultural performance"

Download file to see previous pages The cultural geography enables the researchers to predict why a specific group of people exhibit a particular behavior. Specific places have specific groups of people who may have similar or different behaviors which are consistent and enduring. Through cultural performance, one is able to appreciate the behavior of a specific group in their everyday life. One pertinent issue before the classification of any behavior is that what is observed has to be consistent over a period of time. This will avoid biasness and subjectivity when reporting about a particular group of people. Having conducted a fieldwork study in a bus, different patterns from the population were established. Majority of the people in the bus were students, who displayed different values, and norms. Individualism, lack of concern for others, and lack of interaction were the main issues that were recorded from the fieldwork study. There was also a discrepancy between the way the older generation and the young behaved. While the older generations seemed to like interacting with others through communication, majority of the young adults in the bus perceived this as interfering with their privacy. With most of them glued to their phones, and listening to music, interpersonal communication was hindered. The following discussion will also focus on the report of the fieldwork conducted on the homeless population in a particular street. Methodology used For the purpose of this fieldwork study, the observation method was used. The behavior observed was recorded in a form. This was done for a number of days in order to ensure consistency in values, beliefs and norms before making a conclusion about the population of study. The place The place for the study was the bus, and also in the street. I choose this place owing to the fact it was more convenient to me since I used this means of transport almost daily. Further, I saw the same people almost every day. For this reason, it was possible to study the consistency of the behaviors manifested by the population I was dealing with. The bus was also the best way to have unbiased sample owing to the fact that any person in my neighborhood used this means of transportation. The results would therefore be imperative in making an inference about the rest of the population. At this site, my main subjects of study were passengers, who included the students, drivers, and a few working class individuals. The fieldwork was also conducted in the street where the main focus was the homeless population. In this second setting, there were the old, children and young adults. The performances This refers to the act of studying the behavior of a specific group of people in their day-to-day activities1. The main reason is to establish the values, norms and beliefs of the people from the manifested behavior2. For the purpose of this study, these performances were to be studied from the passengers and the homeless population. As indicated before, the ease of reaching these people almost on the daily basis prompted me to choose them. One of the main aims of the fieldwork is to be able to be able to describe the behavior of the subjects. It is also vital to highlight the reason making a specific group of people behave the way they do. The following discussion seeks to establish the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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