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Economic Geography - Essay Example

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Name: Course: Date: The migration patterns for 4 counties in Minnesota in 2010 Introduction Political, economic and social changes are crucial factors that influence voluntary migration in the USA. Voluntary migration refers to the movement of migrants through their own free will to a different region away from their motherland, or back to their motherland after being away for a period of time (World Savvy Monitor, n.p.)…
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Economic Geography
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Extract of sample "Economic Geography"

Download file to see previous pages There are various reasons that may trigger voluntary migration. These factors include a high cost of living in an individual’s motherland, harsh and unproductive climatic and environmental conditions, as well as purely for adventure and exploration. Discussion Migration patterns in Blue Earth County (Mankato) in 2010 The most interesting aspect of migration in the Blue Earth County is that; the counties that send immigrants into this county are relatively equal to those that receive the immigrants from the county (Forbes, n.p.). The uniqueness in the migration patterns in Blue Earth County is that all those counties sending more immigrants into Blue Earth County than they receive from the county, are situated within the Minnesota State (Forbes, n.p.). Additionally, all the states outside Minnesota where Blue Earth County’s population migrate are found to take more of its migrants, than they send to this county. Another observable pattern regarding the migration in Blue Earth County is that its population tends to migrate to the States that are close to Minnesota, while avoiding those far away. Therefore, it is evident that most of the population within in Blue Earth County finds it easier to seek for a better life outside Minnesota State, compared to those who move from other States to seek for a better life in the county. The inbound income per capita for this county in 2010 was relatively lower than the outbound income per capita, a clear explanation why many people are migrating to other counties, compared to those coming into the Blue Earth County (Forbes, n.p.). Another possible explanation for this migration pattern is that; the standards of living could be better, while the costs of living could be lower in other states, compared to Minnesota, prompting more people to move to other states, than people from other states comes into the county. Migration patterns in Olmstead County (Rochester) in 2010 The migration patterns in Olmstead County indicate that there is a higher percentage of the counties that receives immigrants from this county, compared to those that Olmstead County receives (Forbes, n.p.). The other notable observation regarding the migration patterns in this county is that; it has the tendencies of sending its population to the States that are further away from Minnesota State. Additionally, a unique migration patter observable in Olmstead County is that it only receives more of immigrants from the counties and states that are nearby, than it sends. The inbound income per capita for this county in 2010 was relatively lower than the outbound income per capita, which serves to explain why many people are moving out of the county to other counties, compared to the ones the county is receiving (Forbes, n.p.). All indications point to the fact that the economic situation of many counties outside Minnesota State is better compared to that of Olmstead County, thus motivating many people to migrate from this county to other counties and states, further away. The most plausible explanation for the migration pattern in the Olmstead County is that; the cost of living in this county is much higher than that of other counties outside ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Economic Geography Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 1.
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