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Stateless nations Palestine - Essay Example

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Palestine A Stateless Nation A state refers to a politically organized territory that has a permanent population and falls under a sovereign government administration which bears an international recognition. A stateless nation lacks these aspects and specifically lacks an independent state (Friend 1-3)…
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Stateless nations Palestine
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Download file to see previous pages This population of people has no citizenship and its benefits and thus lacks full access to services offered by the reference government to the legitimate citizens. This is despite the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which asserts that every person has a right to nationality (Balaton 1). The stateless people do not have the benefit of civil and political, economic, cultural, and social rights, economic and cultural rights that citizens in a state enjoy. Indeed, this population does not even have an avenue to claim for these rights and hence do not participate in any national matters. As such, the stateless population is prone to poor employment, poverty, travel barriers, inequality, discrimination, sexual and physical violence, no legal protection, property ownership restrictions, political barriers, exclusion, and humanitarian crisis (Balaton 2-3). Moreover, they cannot access health, education, and other social services. As such, statelessness is arguably one of the dangerous and undesirable conditions that affect the world population. Nevertheless, the UNHCR is undertaking re4levant measures to reduce statelessness in the globe (“UN News Centre” 1). In this context, this paper will detail Palestine as a stateless nation. ...
Notably, for a long time, Palestinians and the Jewish people of Israel have been living in the same area where Israel now controls most of that territory and Palestinians are still struggling to reclaim that area for purposes of their own independent state. As a result, there has been a struggle for the stateliness of Palestine with Israel seeking to maintain the status quo. We can trace this dispute from the historical days of the Bible, which involved Abraham’s son Isaac representing the Jews and Ishmael representing the Arabs. Since then, Israel and Palestine has been on war with Israel winning all wars thus rendering Palestine to be stateless. Actually, in 1967, Israel captured Israel captured major territories with huge Palestine population, which included Gaza from Egypt and the West Bank from Jordan. Nevertheless, this victory did not derive peace and security to Israel as Palestine kept up the fight for West Bank, which is their probable independent state. As such, the struggle for land, security, and Palestine independence persists to this day and Palestine remains a stateless nation. Most assuredly, Israel seeks to reduce the Palestinian Arabs population while increasing the number of Jewish immigrants. Nevertheless, most Israelis are slowly accepting that Palestinians deserve to have an independent state with Palestinians con?ning their concentration to the West Bank. The stateless Palestine fall into three categories which include holders of nationalities of convenience, holders of the ‘Refugee Travel Document’, and holders of the Palestinian passport issued by the Palestinian Authority (Shiblak 8). Historically, the geographical location of Palestine was a region in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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