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Palestine-Israel Conflict - Essay Example

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This essay “title” investigates the conflict between the two nations, Palestine and Israel. It arose from the time when the Israelis, mainly the Jews, realized that it was theirs from the beginning. They denied the exile and wished to return to their holy land with the spirit to start afresh. …
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Palestine-Israel Conflict
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Download file to see previous pages The researcher states that the history of the Arab world has been a stressful one. With the end of the Second World War it has been really challenging for the academia to neglect the conflicts between the Arab society and the Israel. The case of Palestine in particular has been more exigent. It is often confused with either a set of people or a nationality. Hence, writing about it implies going either against one party or another with reference to the self-determination that the small community has in pulling itself out of the shackles of the Zionist movement. The history goes as far as the time of Moses and his followers but that will be too lengthy to trace. However, one can connect to the issue at hand by recalling the incidents of the late nineteenth century which caused a stir among the Palestinian community and the Muslim World at large. Since 1948, the struggle over Palestine between the Jews and the Arabs became an inter-state issue. The state of Palestine was removed from the map and the Arabs consider it their duty to retrieve it and restore its fame. With the end of the Second World War, the United States and the Soviet Union also got involved in the growing complexities of the conflict which the Britain could no longer handle. For the Arabs, Zionism was an eccentric intrusion in the Palestinian politics. It felt incomplete without the independence of Palestine and resists the imperialists’ and colonial motives of the West to date,...
With the passage of time, the Zionist immigrants planned on settling in the Jewish region by establishing their businesses as agriculturalists in order to acquire their lost land. When the Arabs learnt about this cause, they severely opposed the intensions of the Israeli movement. Establishment of a Jewish state meant for the Arabs going against the law ordained by God. For the Muslims in particular, they understood the exile of the Jews from Palestine as a decree by God. The oppositional cry, however, was neglected and the Zionists continued towards settling other Jews by developing a Jewish National Fund, Keren Kayemeth in 1901 under the World Zionist Organization. The Fund intended to buy land in Syria Palestine, various parts of Turkey and regions of Sinai (Quigley 4). It was only to be given to the Jews for the purpose of settlement and nobody else had the right over these lands. The lands were purchased at extremely high price but the Zionists were determined to keep them and never return them at any cost. Most of the agricultural land was owned by farmers for generations and the property was recognized by the customary law. But nothing could be done at such a great loss. Situation became more complicated when a British traveler observed that a Fund purchased land was labored by Arab farmers. A question was raised whether displacing them would mean a silent exchange of land with gold or a rebellion against intolerance over the land’s possession by aliens who suddenly started claiming it. The Jews wanted the land to be labored by their own people but situation could not have lasted long because of less number of Jews as compared to the land they had ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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