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Aravind Eye Hospital - Case Study Example

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When social interest and desire to lead through example combines, it often results in wonders. Same is the case with Aravind Eye Hospital where the vision of Dr. V to cure blindness across the globe has resulted in an exemplary business model operating under government system. …
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Aravind Eye Hospital
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Extract of sample "Aravind Eye Hospital"

Download file to see previous pages Though faced with challenges, it surpasses every expectation of quality, responsiveness and dedication by the people involved (Rangan 1993). Question 1 It is pretty much obvious that Aravind Eye Hospital had been successful so far in what was envisioned as its mission and objective. Dr. V was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and Sri Aurobindo which propelled him to come up with an eye hospital delivering quality eye care at reasonable rates. The success of any mission can be attributed to two factors- the commitment and influence of the initiator of the idea and the people who help realizing the process through their tasks, activities and efforts. In this light, Dr. V’s role can be considered to be of a leader and guide and practicing what he preaches. Even after suffering from acute arthritis, he continued performing eye surgeries which demonstrates his zeal and interest to serve the society and this only infuses the needed motivation in his staff. His involvement in the registration process, trying to further the concept of the hospital to other far off regions and willingness to reach every nook and corner of the world in eliminating blindness demonstrates clear leadership and envisioning abilities of Dr. V which is the cornerstone to the hospital’s success. ...
Question 2 The quality of service at both the free and the paying hospital exceed expectations. With qualified surgeons, trained nurses, imported and state-of-the-art equipments and involved customer service count for the unimaginable success level of the hospital. Though price feature remains a distinguishing factor of quality between the free and the paying hospital, yet instances of higher variation seemed less. The complete process of testing and screening is similar in both the facilities. Moreover, shifts of nurses and staff are rotated in both the free and paying hospital so that no discrimination in quality or care giving can be made. Regular training sessions for staff and visits from qualified ophthalmologists and professionals further identifies any discrepancies in the hospital processes and eliminates chances of quality defects. Especially at free hospital, high quality is obvious from the fact that nurses and attendants manage the crowd and answer to the queries of poor villagers which is more like comforting them and make them feel at home which is the biggest instance of quality service. Informal chit-chat at operation table removes anxiety of the patient which again proves the dexterity of Aravind surgeons and staff in attending to even the minutest details which actually comfort nervous patients and count towards quality care. Currently, only family members of Dr. V are involved in the entire hospital management which is in some or the other way limiting the scope and expertise level of the hospital. This should be done away with by recruiting other competent and qualified professionals from other regions and sectors. Question 3 The satellites hospitals of Aravind are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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